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Tony Moly Nutra Energy Mask Sheet

Hi ladies and gentleman

It’s been a good while since I’ve been active on my blog. I had a lovely month long holiday in the United States, where I promised myself I’d return with a ton of products to review, but makeup ended up being the last thing I wanted to spend my money on while I was there. So here I am back in Seoul, with so many Korean products to review, and I figured for the most of you, that would be much more interesting than reviews on easy accessible American cosmetics. So here goes.

I’ll be doing a few reviews on masks in the following week, so I thought I’d start off with this lovely Korean sheet mask by Tony Moly. Most Korean cosmetic brands hand out free masks on any larger purchases, so I rarely have to spend any money on them, since I always have a stash.  I’ve had 3 of these Tony Moly masks, and I must say these are pretty awesome, although I’ve never come across a sheet mask that didn’t work. For those of you who don’t know what a sheet mask is: it’s a cut out, felt like mask with holes for your eyes and mouth, and a flap for your nose.  

One couldn’t possibly look cute in these, so don’t judge. 😆

The mask comes in a foil packet and is drenched with a soft liquid which contains whatever the mask is said to be made of. Anything from snail protein, to vegetable extract, fruit extract, almond, aloe, rice, egg, calogen… You get my drift. And all of them are good.   

Directions: ” Tear open and apply to face. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and then remove.”

This one is said to contain argon oil.  My skin feels much more bouncy and moisturized, and my pores are much smaller and my nose pores aren’t black and clogged. I must say I woke up this morning with some black heads along the jaw line, so I believe this mask draws out impurities from some of the deeper layers of the skin. They also recommend using these kind of masks once 3 times a week.  If you had to buy them the range from w500 to w1000. That’s roughly 50c to a dollar. Not bad at all in my opinion.  I would actually buy a ten pack of these just have on hand for when a have a break out. They never ever disappoint.

Anyway, that’s my rave for the day! Keep shining.

Xox Amanda

Fourth of July Nail Look 1

Hey Ladies and Jellyspoons

Since it will be the United States’ Independence Day soon, I thought I would try a little nail look inspired by the USA flag.

Here it is:


I used:
Faceshop’s Trendy Nails in BL606
Tony Moly’s GR10 (glittery stars)
Etude House’s xoxo Minnie 1

I searched all the Korean cosmetic brands for glittery stars and couldn’t find it anywhere so I eventually found this one at Tony Moly and I’m so pleased with it.

If you don’t catch enough stars on the first try, I’d suggest using a pair of tweezers. Tilt the bottle to the side and keep trying to catch the stars with your brush then take the tweezers, nip the stars one by one off the brush and place them where you’d like them on your nails. You can’t just keep painting them on with the brush because it will make the nail polish very thick and gooey on the nails and we don’t want that.


I hope that you’ve enjoyed this post. I will try another look before the 4th if I have time. My studies are keeping me crazy busy at the moment, so please understand.

Have a great week!



Tiny Mac blush haul.

I have been so much into Mac eyeshadows lately that I completely neglected blushes. I looked at my (not too huge) make up stash and realised that I was missing out on blushes. I only had one that I used continually and I was getting bored with it, so I broke down and purchased two Mac blushes – Two items finally crossed off on my rather extensive wishlist from Mac.

Mac powder blushes retail for $21 in the USA. ($17 in depotted/ pan form) and w30,000 in South Korea.

Here they are:
Dollymix. (Sheertone shimmer blush)


Dollymix is a bright pink with peachy undertones. It was recommended by Wain Goss from Goss Makeup on YouTube. It appears very dark in the pan, but this one that will last you long because you only need the smallest amount to give your cheeks a healthy spring glow. I wore this on Saturday to church and after many weeks of being sick first with an ear infection, then with flu and most recently with a very bad case of food poisoning, a lot of people were saying how I looked like my healthy glowing self again. I really think I owe the compliments to this lovely blush over here. It’s lasted me a good 4 hours or more. I applied it first quite bright and then applied my foundation on top of that.

I am a very fair girl. NW15 to NW20 and I don’t find it too harsh if applied right. I can imagine this one working well with all skin tones.

The next one I nicked while depotting it😦 well now I know how not to depot a blush. ) Peachykeen took the hit and Dollymix (up next for depotting) survived it, unscathed.

Peachykeen: (Sheertone shimmer blush)


Peachykeen is a shimmery peach blush. There is really no other way to describe it. It’s just the perfect peach. I don’t find the shimmer to be overwhelming. It’s just a perfect dewy effect. I’ve heard many rave reviews on this blush and I can totally understand why. They say a great dupe for this one is Benefit Cosmetics’ Bella Bamba, which has also been on my wishlist for a while.

I am overall very happy with my blushes. A little bummed that I nicked the one but we live and learn.

If you have any other awesome blushes to recommend from Mac, please let me know. I still have a long ways to go before filling up my large duo palette with blushes so recommend away.


Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk

I have a rather extensive wishlist of things that I want from Etude House. This last month’s spending makes me feel like I’ve made some progress, especially since I finally got my hands on the lipsticks that are always sold out when I’m ready to pick them up.


These retail for w9000 each. (Roughly $9) but I got them for w5000 because Etude house had a 30% sale and I got more off since I have VIP status on my point card.

Here they are:


PK 015, OR 202 and the infamous OR 205:


Etude House is famous for making every part of their packaging look really cute. As you can see in the previous picture, the lipsticks are engraved with a heart and a crown.
The tubes look like pillars in a fairy tale castle and it has a detachable pink ribbon ring.

The boxes are adorned with hearts and cute princessy logos. They really go all out on making these look and feel feminine:


Here are swatches: (PK 015, OR 202, OR 205).



PK 015 is by far my favourite Etude House lipstick so far and I have 6. It’s the perfect matte fuchsia. It could be drying as most mattes are, but you won’t easily find a colour dupe and the staying power is really good for the price.

OR 202 and OR 205 are lustre slash amplified finishes. I love them too and they are very moisturizing. I tried putting balm on my lips before applying them and the colour wouldn’t stick to my lips. It doesn’t need balm before hand, because it’s so soft and creamy.

The pink lipsticks in this range smell like pink Turkish delights, a sweet rosy scent and the orange lipsticks smell like oranges. It’s not an overwhelming smell at all, but very pleasant indeed. I don’t know what the beige and red lipsticks in this range smell like. I would have to purchase a few and keep you updated.

I tried to take images of the products on my lips but it’s night time here and the lighting is just not good at all so I’ll post them first thing in the morning.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Have a lovely weekend

❤ Amanda

Disney Frozen themed Nails.


I don’t know how it is where you are, but here in Korea the movie Frozen is pretty much the top thing on every child’s lips. You walk past a convenient store and you hear ‘Let it go’ sung in different languages, blaring out of the speakers. The little girls are all singing songs from it. I’ve never seen such a Disney craze since the Lion King. I’m 26 years old and I’m strongly considering dying my hair red with one white streak. Yes, I love the movie too.🙂

Etude house is currently having a 1+1 sale. That means you get 2 items for the price of one. I’ve purchased quite a few bottles of nail polish for $1 and $1,50 each, all with the idea of making Frozen themed nails.

For today’s look I used Etude House play #83 (Sky blue). I applied 2 layers, then I applied Etude House play #144 (red, purple, blue and gold glitter shaped in dots, squares and hexagons) I applied 2-3 layers depending on how much glitter I got to grab with the brush.

I’m not sure if this should be snow themed or mermaid themed, but I feel like it could swing either way.

I have a few more Frozen themes in mind for the future. I hope you liked this one.

❤ Amanda

Glossybox Korea Marie Claire Holiday Box

This is not a monthly subscription box. Instead it’s a special box filled with 6 full sized items, instead of 5 samples. The price is also the reason for everything being full sized. Instead of the ₩20,000 normal monthly price, this one was ₩99,000. Roughly equivalent to $100. If you click on the site ( http://www.glossybox.co.kr ), they don’t usually give you such a great preview of what you’re going to get, but this time I knew exactly what I was getting, which is probably why I bothered getting it.

Here is what it looks like: isn’t the box and the ribbon just adorable?


When you open the box, all the items are wrapped in a sheet of paper with Christmas designs on them, along with the Glossybox logo.


As if that isn’t cute enough, all the items are protected with pink paper shreds, and for an added cuteness, they added potpourri and a plastic rose. Everything’s smells lovely too.


What I got:

Amore Pacific Perfection Bloom. Natural Finish Foundation in 102
List Price: ₩90,000
O.P.I. NL H 08 I’m Not Really A Waitress. (Blood metallic red)
List Price: ₩22,000
List Price: ₩15,000
Clinique lash power mascara in black onyx
List Price: ₩34,000
RMK Irresistible Lips in C19 Shiny Deep Red (magenta)
List Price: ₩39,000
I could choose my colour. There were about 18 different colours to choose from.
Caudelíe Devine Oil. Enhancing dry oil for body, face and hair.
List Price: ₩79,000

If you add up the value of the box, you will find that it way exceeds the price I paid for the box.
It’s ₩99,000 versus ₩279,000

I’d say this was a definite bargain box. I shall be writing reviews soon, but I’m sick so please bear with me. I will also be doing a vlog, so I’ll post the link soon.

Till next time.

xox Amanda

Clinique Facial Soap Bar for Dry Combination Skin #2

(This is not my own image)

I’ve been struggling with bad skin lately. I’ve noticed how my pores looked bigger and clogged next to my nose. I always have nose pores, but it seemed to have spread to the sides of my nose too and the sad thing is, I wash and moisturize religiously. Back home I used to use a set of great products by Garnier (the pure range) but it’s not available in South Korea so I opted for a wash by Neotrogena which made me break out and I believe caused my puffy eyes. I may just be allergic.

I finally decided on getting some decent stuff, and Clinique was the first brand that came to mind. I got given a stash of samples by Edgars when I was a teen (a few years ago) and it worked like a charm, but I couldn’t afford it back then.

This product also has a soap dish, but they somehow gave me the refill one without the dish and I couldn’t communicate to them in Korean that I wanted the dish. Anyways, next time 😉

20130926-150222.jpgAll I can say is WOW!!! Two washes and my pores are cleared out, visibly smaller and my skin tighter and clearer. (In my monthly week) I never have clear skin at this time. My eyes are no longer puffy also.

Clinique is known for it’s clinically tested, non allergenic, scent free products. I assure you, if you are prone to allergies, this product is the best solution.

The bar is relatively large. It’s said to last at least 6 months and it only cost $21 (I believe in the USA it’s only $15), which isn’t bad considering the junk I normally buy costs $5 and lasts one month.


Along with the soap I got 2 sample sized items: one being Liquid Facial Soap. (Perfect for a 5 day hike or a camp or traveling) and Repairwear Laser Focus Serum.

I’ve used the serum along with my twice daily wash and I am pleasantly surprised. The lines around my eyes are plumped out, don’t look so noticeable. I know I’m only 26, but prevention is better than cure, right?

Okay enough ranting on. Just try it. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.