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Tony Moly Petite Blusher Delight

Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons

Today I will be reviewing some blushes, and this time it’s by Tony Moly. The Petite Blusher Delight blushes are very similar to Etude House Lovely Cookie blushers, but they come in black packaging and they come in a line of only 3 different colours, or which I was able to hunt down 2.

Here they are:



As you can tell, they are similar to the Etude House blushers in that they are in the almost exact same dome shaped, macaron cookie style casing, and they come with ribboned puffers as well. 

#1 Petite Pink is a lovely baby pink with a slight silver sparkle. 


It’s not overly sparkly, but just ever so slight so that one can almost not really pick it up on a swatch or while you’re wearing it. I personally prefer blushes to have less shine and more colour, so this one work perfectly for giving my pale face just enough of a healthy, rosy glow. 

Here’s the swatch:


The next one I got is #2 Petite Peach:


Petite Peach in the pan is not what I would call peachy. It’s more a magenta. It also has a very slight silver sheen, but even less than Petite Pink, but once you swatch it definitely comes off more peachy. 

Here’s the swatch: 


I tried without success to hunt down #3 Petite Coral. I will not give up though, and once I do get my hands on it, I will add it to this blog and reblog it.

My thoughts:

Honestly, I’ve been wearing these more frequently than my MAC and Benefit blushes. They are cute and compact. They are really affordable at the ₩5000 (roughly $5) price tag, and they are of a fantastic quality, that is only to be expected from Korean cosmetics brands. 

Have you tried any Korean blushers lately, or are you perhaps interested in trying one but you want to know whether it’s worth it? Let me know and I’ll look into it. 






Etude House Princess Happy Ending #1 Belle


Dear Beauties and Gentle Beasts. I obviously managed to get my hands on a little more of the products ever since I last wrote.

Today I am sick in bed which is the only reason I can actually find the time to write this in my crazy schedule. Think 7am-9:30pm including metro rides for an hour in each direction. Is it any wonder I’m sick though…

Here’s a picture of everything I managed to hunt down on this collection. Still battling to find 4 more items but I’ve pretty much given up already:



I will however be dealing with the Belle themed products of the collection, and progressively cover each princess after which I will do a round up of everything.

As you can see, most of the products are packaged in boxes that look like books. For a literature major and a Disney fanatic, this is more than enough excitement for this year!

Okay, so let’s get into the Belle Products.

I managed to get one blush, (I’m missing the other one), the lippie and the nail set:



The nail set comes in a booklet box that says: “I want so much more than they’ve planned. ” It contains two nails lacquers and one sheet of nail art stickers. (Every princess comes with her set just like this.)

Here’s the look I did with mine. My hands aren’t my best asset guys, I know. Teeny tiny nails and all, I hope you get the gist:


The base coat is a magenta plum colour and the top coat is a honey gold light metallic. I chose to wear the light colour on my ring finger, though you could wear it over the plum.

The stickers are gold and pink roses, crowns and creeper plant swirls:


The lipstick is a perfect fall purple. (My favourite colour). I’ve done a separate review on this as it was the first product I got from the collection, but I’ll put it in here anyway:




As you can see: the packaging is just adorable and it has that matching creeper plant theme.

Here is the swatch:


And on the lips:


I would’ve liked for it to be more purple, but it seems to be the general trend that when a lipstick seems purple, it wears more magenta on the lips. 

And the last product I got was the blush: (I got #1 Pink Shine Blush)


By some terrible cough up I had lost a lot of my pictures so I will post the promotional one and take a picture of what’s left of my blush, which doesn’t resemble a perfect rose anymore:

I hope you enjoyed this post. I’m up to have dinner with the Beast and I’m singing ‘Tale as old as time’ in my head since I don’t have voice.



Etude House Minnie Xoxo Collection


Ladies and Jellyspoons

I’ve been meaning to do this review for 6 months now, but I was hoping to get my hands on the items missing from the collection and then I got struck with ill health for which feels like a lifetime. I am however feeling better today and I’ve decided to write this review, whilst sipping Rooibos tea and listening to The Carpenters. (You can probably tell why I’m feeling better)

I’m going to start off by reviewing the nail polishes:


I started off with #1 as the base colour (Red) in two coats and #4 as the top coat (white and pink ribbons and white and pink polka dots)


Next I used #2 (pink) as the base colour in two coats and #5 (silver ribbons with pink, white and silver)



Then I again used the #1 red base coat but this time with #6 (black Micky Mouse silhouettes with pink white and black dots) on top.


Lastly I used the pink base coat (#2) but this time with #3 (white Micky Mouse silhouettes with pink and white dots and metallic pink lines)


Now onto the face products. I got the Minnie xoxo Any Cushion Foundation:



Any cushion is a very famous Korean foundation. I should really call it a BB cream since that’s what it is. It’s a liquid foundation kept within a sponge within a compact, which you apply with a puffer powder pad. You’d think that all compact foundation is usually either very creamy or powder, but this is a liquid foundation.

I’ve been wearing this exclusively for about 6 months and I absolutely love it. I’m afraid I won’t be posting pictures of my face as I am not well, but I will be doing that very soon with another Disney collaboration with Etude House and Disney. I beg some more of you patience. I will give it five stars for a BB cream though. It’s is just amazing!

Here come the face powders:





The first one is a blusher shaped in a Minnie Mouse face with lilac, peach and pink hues. This one is definitely matte. I’m not going to swatch these because I haven’t gotten it over my heart to use them yet. You will however find many swatch images on the net.

Here is the highlighter:




The highlighter also has lilac and peach hues, but much lighter and more pearly. Again, I haven’t usedthis yet so I really don’t want to ruin it with a swatch.

Next up is the lipstick. There were two in the set but the red one sold out like hot cakes and I just couldn’t get my hot little hands on it.

This is #02 Bubble Pink:


Here’s a lip swatch: 

I also only got two of the three eyeshadows.


Here are the swatches. I got PK006 (matte bright pink) and PK005 (matte caramel brown):


I didn’t get the lashes, mascara or loose Minnie shaped glitter.

I hope you enjoyed this.

Till next time.





This eyeshadow along with another pinwheel from this collection is the very first purchase I ever made from M.A.C. It was released in a series of 5 pinwheels, in Autumn 2012. As far as I know, these were only released in Asia. I bought them in Korea. I have heard people ask about them in forums and it seems it was not internationally released. 😦

I will do another review on the pink one as well.

Here is an image that I got off Google, displaying the whole set: 



I decided on the brown and pink because it complements blue eyes the best out of this set. I would probably get the purple one as well, if I did not already have purple single shadows from M.A.C.

Here is an image of Golden Hours, taken without a flash:


And just for the hell of it, I am posting two more pictures, with and and without a flash, displaying the inside of the pinwheel:

With the flash;


Without the flash:


As you can see, the pinwheel consist of 4 colours that are all golden metallic in one way or another. 

The colours in clock wise order. (My names for them)

1. Golden Chocolate Brown

2. Golden Caramel Brown

3. Coppery Gold

4. Golden Banana

Here are some swatches, with a swath along the side of ‘Amber Lights’ by M.A.C. (Another golden colour.)

With the Flash:


Without the flash:


As you can probably tell in the images above, this pinwheel’s colours don’t have as great pay off as the single M.A.C. eye shadows. Amber lights’ swatch is only one layer, where the pinwheel’s swatches are 3 or 4 each. I expected the Coppery Gold colour to be more like amber lights, but it is disappointing. 

When I first bought these, I thought they were amazing, but that was because I did not have any other M.A.C. shadows to compare them too. They have a lot of chunky glitter that does unfortunately cause quite a bit of fall out. 

Here are a few images of the look that I created with this pinwheel. (Also using Painterly Paintpot, Amber Lights, M.A.C Kohl eye liner pencil in Smolder and my go to mascara. )


I used the Golden Chocolate Brown colour to fill in my brows. Then I applied Painterly Paintpot all over my lids, all the way up to the brow. I then applied the Golden Caramel Brown colour all over the lid to just below the crease line. I then applied Golden Banana as a highlither, below the brow. I then filled in the crease with Golden Chocolate Brown and applied Coppery Gold on the ball of my lid. I was however not happy with the pay off of Coppery Gold, so I applied Amber Lights over it to create a more golden effect. Then I took my Kohl eyeliner pencil and drew a line just above the upper lash line. I then took my finger and smudged it out. I also applied eyeliner to my waterline. I then put my mascara on as normal and then I had to wipe my cheeks with a wet wipe before applying my BB cream, because the pinwheel has a lot of chunky glitter and it caused quite a bit of fall out. 


The colours in the pinwheel do make my blue eyes stand out, which I like, but just look at all that glitter!!!


I am not terribly regretful of buying this eye shadow, but I can honestly say that if you have any of the naked palettes or any browns and golds from M.A.C’s permanent collection, I would not buy this. I honestly won’t try to replace it when it’s finished either. 

For a student who cannot afford spending 60bucks on 4 eye shadows, these kind of shadows are a much better option, as they go for 18bucks instead of the regular 15 bucks per eye shadow and you end up getting 4 colours. And then again, for that price, one can’t expect them to measure up to the regular shadows. It’s give and take.

I hope you have found this post helpful or interesting in any way. 🙂 Sorry that I made it sooo long! 

Till next time. 

❤ Amanda