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Etude House Be My Universe Pinky Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hello Ladies and Jellyspoons

Today I’m going to reviewing one of my favourite Christmas collaborations by Etude House called Be My Universe. Be My Universe is a stunningly beautiful space themed special edition Christmas collection, featuring 5 lipsticks,  2 eyeshadow palettes, and 2 hand creams,  I already reviewed the three of the five lipsticks that I bought from this collection here, and today I will be reviewing one of their eye shadow palettes called Pink Galaxy.

Pink Galaxy is one of two beautiful eye shadow palettes. I will probably get the other soon as well, but this one appealed to me the most as the colours seemed to be best suited for green or blue eyes, or blue-green eyes, like myself.

Firstly, this is the packaging:


I’ve been carrying this palette in my bag for the last week or two (however long I’ve had it) and I’ve been carrying it in the box to keep it from being damaged. I absolutely love the iridescence and the little stars that is on everything.

This is what the palette looks like unboxed:


Once you open it, you’ll see this amazing little clear plastic cover with stars on it. (I saw this on the website and thought it was photoshopped onto the eyeshadows.)


Now for the best part. You can probably tell that he blusher has a Saturn imprinted in the powder, and yes, it’s awesome!


They named the shadows in Korean and I thought it would be fun to translate them.


I’m going to start at the top:

Here are the swatches:


안드로메다 Andromeda:


This is probably the most unique colour in the palette. It’s dark taupey black with red undertones and shimmer. I’ve used this as a brow filler in a push comes to shove situation when I realised at a choir performance that my brow pencil ran out. I thought it was going to be disastrous but I ended up getting a lot of compliments on it so I might continue using it for that. It’s also perfect for the smokey eyed look.

문라이트 Moonlight:


This colour is a disaster. As yo can see in the swatch, it does not even show up. It’s one of those colours that you can use to add shimmer to a look as an afterthought. I have used it as an inner corner colour and it wasn’t terrible, but it was quite powdery and required a lot of work to actually make it show up at all.

머큐리 Mercury:


Mercury reminds me of Vanilla by MAC, although I can make swatches because I’ve run out of mine, as it used to be my go to brow bone highlighter. With that being said, this is perfect for fair skinned folks to use as a brow bone highlighter.

비너스 Venus:


Venus is one of those colours that I know I should use more but just never reach for. It remind of those longs lists of must have colours for blue eyed girls. The ones where I pick out the shimmery ones and never get the matte ones. I can use this in the crease or as a bronzer or contour colour, but it cal also be used for people with olive skin tones as a brow bone highlight.

레드웜홀 Red Wormhole:


This is definitely in my top two if not my favourite colour in this palette. I must admit it’s not because it’s the most unique colour. It’s actually quite comparable to MAC Cranberry. But it’s so so beautiful and the colour payoff is fantastic.

Here is a picture comparing the two: (Cranberry at the top and Red Wormhole at the bottom)


Cranberry is ever so slightly more pink, but it’s close enough in my opinion. Etude House hasn’t always had the best reputation at creating good eyeshadows but this to me is proof that they’ve really upped their game.

타임워프 Timewarp:


Timewarp is also a unique colour and the colour payoff isn’t too rotten. At first glance it reminded me of Satin Taupe by MAC but it’s browner and less purple, but it does wear quite pink. Not pink pink but like rose gold.

핑크플래닛 Pink Planet:


Pink Planet is much more peachy in real life than it shows up in the picture. It’s a beautiful satin finished blush but could also be used as an eyeshadow. It’s the type of blush that works well on fairer people so it’s definitely not an all inclusive colour.

I definitely feel like this is worth the investment despite the underwhelment of Moonlight. The products are definitely better than what I expected. I’m going to try my best to get my hands on the other palettes, but I never care much for hand creams that come in collaborations like these.

Have a lovely weekend! Until next time




Tony Moly Pikachu Eye Shadow Palette


Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons

So some of you might have heard by now that Tony Moly came out with a rather extensive range of Pokémon themed cosmetics ever since Pokémon Go became all the rage. I promised myself that I wouldn’t get sucked into it, but then they had a sale and I have a soft spot of the saleslady at the Tony Moly at Seokgye station and I cracked and got me a palette. I remember how important Pikachu was in my bog collection as a kid in the nineties and how my friend who lived across from me wanted her and I got her one on the same day as I got my own, from a chips packet, so the thought of Pikachu brought many happy memories from my childhood and I thought, why not get some things to remind me of that?

Aside from the palette I also got a mask and some hand lotion samples, which I will review for you on another day.

Here is what the palette looks like:

The above picture was taken with some cosmos flowers here in South Korea:


I really like yellow, so I honestly did not even open the palette before buying it. It was the packaging that caught me.

This is what it looks like when opened:


Yay, some neutrals. One can never have too many of that. I also love the little plastic film with Pokémon themed pictures printed on it. How cute is it? I love that most Korean eye shadow palettes come with mirrors, while the palettes are still slim and sleek and never heavy or bulky. The brush will quite honestly be tossed, since I use either Mac or Real Techniques eye shadow brushes on a day to day basis.

This is what the colours look like close up from left to right:



I have been using them a bit before taking pictures and so it was quite hard for me to have my camera focus on the surface.



And here are the swatches:


To me the gold shimmer was bit underwhelming, but I suppose that’s because I’m used to Mac and Urban Decay neutrals, and they are hard to top. For what it is and how much I paid for it, I’d say it’s definitely worth it. There is also a Jigglypuff version that I want to get and I am in luck because they currently have a sale. I will review it as soon as I get my hands on it.

I am overall happy with the palette. It’s tiny and compact and have colours that will suit most all skintones and eye colours. It’s work appropriate, and even though the colour pay off isn’t A plus standard, it’s buildable. And if all else fails (which it hasn’t) you’ve always got the adorable packaging to be grateful for.

That’s it from me.




Urban Decay Moonspoon & Desperation look

I recently received a sample from Urban Decay along with my two Oz palettes. It’s a sample of one of their new shades from the Moondust line. They sent me Moonspoon. It’s a taupey, glittery shade. With that I also got a sample of Desperation. It’s one of the shades that was in one or more of their recent palettes and people have requested that they make it a permanent shade, so they did 🙂
I also got a tiny sample of their Primer Potion. I’ve read rave reviews on these products, so I thought it would be great to do a look using all of them.

Here is what the sample card looks like:


It’s just marketing baby 🙂
At the back they have some other shades that came out.
Moondust: (all with lots of glitter)
Space Cowboy (caramel brown)
*Moonspoon ( taupe)
Diamond Dog (chocolate brown)
Intergalactic (deel purple)
Glitter Rock (pink)
Zodiac ( olive green)
Stargazer (yellow)

The three new shades released in the permanent collection are:
Easy baked (dark nude)
*Desperation (taupe)
Laced (light nude)

The asterix indicates the colours that I got:


I put the Primer Potion on my eyelids using only my finger. It’s a wet, creamy primer. Much more wet and creamy than Mac’s Paintpot.
I then applied Moonspoon to balls of my eyelids and then applied Desperation to the crease and blended it out with a fluffy shadow brush.

I also applied liner, mascara and under eye concealer and filled in my brows. On my lips I have Mac’s Lovelorn.

My eyes are normally very light sky blue. These shadows made my eyes look grey with green undertones. I love how the shadows altered the colour of my eyes. Usually stormy days or teary days do that. I’ve never seen eye shadows effect my eye colour that much and I really like it.

Would I purchase these? Yes, I will. I don’t mind the glittery fallout caused by Moonspoon, so I’d definitely get me some. The primer kept the shadow on allll day without creasing or fading. I am super impressed.

I hope you like this post. My eyes are blue again 🙂 ever since I washes this look off.

Have a great week!

Am I Tripping. Mac Pro Palette Large Duo for $8


Am I tripping? I paid $25 each, for my Mac large duo palettes. Now they are on the Mac site for $8 each. Is Mac finally seeing that their palettes are too expensive? This is insane!


Price list:
Mac Large Duo $8
Mac Large single $8
Mac Eyeshadow 15 insert $2
Mac Blush 6 insert $2
Mac Lipstick 24 insert $2
Mac Lipstick 12 insert $2

Who else paid more than 5 times they price for their Mac palettes when they released not so long ago. This is madness.

There will be arm twisting going on in our household. I’m certainly going to take advantage of the SALE/ printing error.

From a confused and excited blogger.

Haley Williams Mac Make up.

Like with my Urban Decay haul, I had to wait, which feels like forever, for this parcel to arrive. This line was released in May. Every now and then, Mac collaborates with musicians to promote their make up. They usually have a few limited edition products that the musician chooses or that suits the style or image of the musician. I don’t know much about Haley Williams, besides that she kicks and screams when she can’t get vegan gummy bears when she wants, that she has orange hair and that she recently made make up with Mac.

I love orange products so I decided to get some of these, regardless of my ignorance of the musician.

I only ended up getting the eye shadow and the lipstick.

The eye shadow is called: Daydreaming.

It’s a veluxe pearl in coral. Very similar in shade to Mac’s Sushi Flower.

Here is Daydreaming on the left and Sushi Flower on the right.

Daydreaming has better colour pay off. Maybe because Sushi Flower is a Satin.

The lipstick is called: Sounds like noise
It is a matte coral/orange colour. It’s completely different from the colour of the eye shadow, but lovely none the less.

I would imagine that’s its similar to Morange, but I don’t have it so I can’t do comparative swatches.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I have an extra ‘sounds like noise’ lipstick if anyone is interested in arranging a trade. Its new in a box. There are many lipsticks on my wishlist so I certainly don’t need two.

Have good evening!


Étude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake Eyes in Mango Tango


I promised to write a blog about this about 3 weeks ago. I was so bad at keeping my blog updated lately. 😦

I was really exited about this product since I’ve seen so many reviews about it, but always had a long list of other things that I need when I pop by Etude House, that I never end up buying it.

Luckily I got spoilt on my birthday. My husband woke me up with my favourite coffee and said: ‘get dressed. We’re going to Etude House’. \(^_^)/.

We picked up a few things of which one was this lovely little shadow.
Étude House is a Korean brand well known for their cute packaging. When I saw that this comes in a little tin shaped in a cupcake, I just fell in love.


The eyeshadow comes in a dual shade. (2 colours in one pan). Peachy orange and Mango orange. They are baked eyeshadows, so they are similar to Mac’s mineralized eyeshadows. The colour pay off and longevity is best when applied over a wet primer like Urban Decay Primer Potion or Mac’s paint pot.

They come in 5 or 6 other awesome shades and there is a cream blush line too. If you are interested in getting your hands on these or other Étude House products, let me know and we could either do an exchange or I could put it on Amazon for you.

Until next time


Urban Decay Oz Glinda Palette Review.


I was really excited about getting this product. A friend of mine heard that I really like pink and purple so she suggested that I get the Glinda palette. I am from South Africa and currently live in Korea and neither of these countries have Urban Decay. I was not even aware of the palettes before she told me about it, but I did hear a ton of rave reviews about Urban Decay and therefore thought that it would be worthwhile to hunt it down. I had to have it shipped to a friend in the States, who then shipped it on to me. It’s August, almost time for them to bring out new palettes, and I only just received them and they were released in January. I can say in all honesty, it was worth the wait.

Here it is:

ImageI did some photo merging, as I thought the post will be WAY too long with all the items and swatches…

The palette comes in a beautiful box, that has a holographic, shiny sheen to it. So, so pretty. At the back it has a colour display of all the products that will be in the box.

Upon opening the box, you will find a super saturated lip pencil in a separate compartment and a card that slides out with all the instructions on how to get Glinda’s look. You also get the palette off course. It’s a sturdy metal palette that contains 6 limited edition eye shadows and a half size 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Rockstar. (Which I think is a permanent colour in the 24/7 Glide On Pencil line.)

The palette is designed to contain any of the new or old Urban Decay singles. The new singles are reformulated and repackaged, so you can just pop your finger in the back and the eye shadow pan pops out and it can slot right into this palette. This palette is exactly like the new ‘build it yourself’ palette that came out recently, but this particular one is a limited edition.

The first shadow is called: Tornado


It’s a deep muted purple with a metalic, frosty sheen.

Colour pay off: Amazing. One swatch is enough over a primer

Texture: Buttery. No chunky glitter

Fall out: None

The next colour is called: Aura (It is a dual sided eye shadow. 2 colours in one pan)


I am glad that the ‘dualsidedness’ of this shadow is showing in my pictures. I have read so many blogs and I could not see it in many of the pictures that I saw.

The left side is blue with a purple duo chrome and the right side is pink with a coral/peach duo chrome. It’s a very soft satiny finish. Super beautiful. If you haven’t seen these in real life yet, please go visit a store swatch them. They are out of this world and so hard to explain in words.

Colour pay off: The blue side is amazing. The pink side is a little less, but it is great for wearing over another colour to add that duo chrome to it.

Texture: Silky, satiny and butter soft. No chunky glitter

Fall out: None

The last shadow in the top row is called: Magic (And significantly so. It is really a magical colour)

ImageThis has got to be one of my favourites of this palette, if not the favourite. It’s a soft Barbie pink with a gorgeous holographic duo chrome of coral/gold depending on the angle. It’s so hard to explain, but so lovely. If you buy this palette for this colour only, I would not discourage it. 🙂

Colour pay off: Great on a wet primer, not as great dry with no primer, but still good.

Texture: Buttery soft with duo chrome and no chunky glitter

Fall out: None

The first colour in the bottom row is called: Illusion

ImageThis colour is an almost matte light peach neutral. It’s not completely matte though, as it does have a sheer to it. Almost like a mix of matte and satin. It would be great for a brow bone colour or highlight, for people with very light complexions. I love this colour, although I know I probably won’t use it a lot. This is my least favourite colour of this palette.

Colour pay off: Great

Texture: Buttery soft. Matte and shiny, but with no chunky glitter

Fallout: None

The next colour is called: Oz. (It’s another duo sided eye shadow. 2 colours in one pan)ImageThese colours are so glamorous and so perfect for a Christmas look or just for cosplay. I like wearing the silver on the inner corners of my eyes. I like the gold, but I am a bit spoilt, because the gold in the Theodora (Bad witch) palette is a little nicer 😉

Colour pay off: For the silver it is amazing. I mean one swatch and it looks like you’ve spray painted your eye lids with silver. The gold is good, but needs a little more layering.

Texture: Soft, metalic with lots of silver glitter flecks.

Fallout: Yes, quite significantly so, but it’s not any different from the old Urban Decay shadows and it does suit a good witch, so one has to keep that in consideration.

The last shadow in this palette is called: South. (Because Glinda is from the South)


This colour is a taupe brown with medium sized flecks of colourful, rainbow like glitter. It’s perfect for a crease colour and can be used to make a nice but subtle smoky eye look. It’s shiny but not super metalic.

Colour pay off: Great

Texture: Frosty with small glitter flecks. Buttery soft to the touch

Falout: A little

The last eye product that came with this palette is the 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil called: RockstarImage

It comes in a deep smoked purple/almost black. It’s perfect for on the lid and on the waterline and perfect for that smoky eye or evening look. It might be a bit too harsh for some, but it’s beautiful none the less.

The last product in the box is a Super Saturated Lip Pencil in: Glinda


It’s very moisturising and quite long lasting. I doubt whether they’ll last as long as Mac lipsticks, but I am not disappointed. It is perfect for those very pale or light complexions. It’s almost the colour of my lips, but it makes it look plumper and shiny. I really like this. I could not have asked for a more perfect colour.

My overall feeling on the palette:

I love all the products more than ever, but I am not impressed with the packaging. It’s beautiful and I understand that it took a lot of work, but to me it is just too large, too bulky and too heavy. My Mac large Duo is only a little wider and it contains 48 eye shadows. I also feel that the palette will not make a make up artist look professional. It’s too kiddies Disney. I think I would have loved it if I were a teen, but I am now 26 and I travel a lot and this palette just takes up too much weight and space.

I also dislike that one has to waste so much plastic if one wants to put other Urban Decay singles in this palette. You cannot just buy it in pan form like with Mac. So you’ll be paying the full price for every single shadow, and you’d have to inevitably throw a bunch of plastic away. It’s not good for your budget and it’s even worse for the environment.

My worst dislike of the palette is the fact that even after all this, the pans don’t slot into the holes as well as they should and the close of the palette is not strong at all.

As I much as I adore the products, I ended up depotting the shadows completely and put them into my Mac palette. So now I am stuck with two gorgeous palettes which I’ll never use.

🙂 Sorry for all the ranting on. I have a YouTube video on this palette. I’m just still busy editing it, so I will post the link on this blog as soon as I am done.

Till next time

❤ Amanda