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Etude House Melancholy Budapest


Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons

I’m here with another release by my favourite Korean cosmetics brand. This time they really are making me poor with the lovely new Melancholy Budapest eyeshadow collection. Isn’t that just the saddest and cutest name at the same time?  I’ve always wanted to visit Hungary.

Etude House Look At My Eyes is their permanent eye shadow collection, and with its huge range or colours and finishes and their less than $5 price point, is it any wonder why they are such popular products. They also have palettes in which you can depot them, which as some of you may know, is a big deal for me. From time to time they come out with special edition collaborations with one or two special edition shadows, but this time they’ve come out with a large selection of high quality special editions, and I literally want them all.

I managed to get six of them and as far as I can make out there are about 30. I will do an update as soon as I’ve got my hands on a few more of them. I created a little Christmas tree instead of a balloon show 😉 There are the ones which appealed to me the most.

Here are the swatches with a flash and with natural light:

From the top to the bottom:




Here’s the swatch:


PK 015 Is a coral with pink undertones.




And the swatch:

BR425 Is coppery metallic gold. 





And the swatch:

RD307 Is a antique metallic copper wit rose gold undertones.





And the swatch:

PP501 Is a duo chrome metallic lilac with a blue sheen. 




BK803 is a navy blue with sky blue glitter flecks. 


BL 606:



BL6O6 Is a metalic navy blue with a slight red duo chrome.


As you can see, these are fantastic quality and the entire range, wheter it be special edition or permanent of the Look At My Eyes eye shadows are price beteen W3000 and W7000. I already know that a lot of them are dupes for MAC and URBAN DECAY shadows. I will do an extensive blog on that in the future. The permanent collection is designed so you can depot them and put them in a palette. I have been meaning to review my palette for you for the longest time, and promise do so in the month of February. 

They have another constellation themed collection that is coming out soon, and I will make sure to pick a few up within the next month. So keep your eyes peeled.

What do you think of these? Have you been to Budapest? It has always been on my bucket list and I will have to make a plan to make it happen. 





Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes Cherry Blossom 


Dear Ladies and Jellyspoons.

I just recently reviewed Rose Garden, which is the other palette that was released for spring of this year. Feel free to have a look at my blog to see that review. I will now be reviewing Fantastic Eyes Cherry Blossom. Etude House occasionally comes out with 2 palettes like these. Last year in Sept they came out with two Halloween palette which I wish with all my heart I know of, but I somehow missed it. I was however blessed to be able toe get both of the spring collection palettes of this year.
This is Cherry Blossom: 



Observe the packaging. Etude House never lets us down on the packaging. (Which is why I’m always broke. Not eve sad about it)
The palette comes with 6 beautiful spring shades, a mirror (which I’m covering with the box) and a double ended shadow sponge.
Here are the swatches from left to right:


Cherry Coke is a satin chocolate brown with gold irredensance.  It’s quite pigmented and perfect for a brow fill or a crease colour.

Cherry March is a matte hot pink. It’s quite sheer and needed double layering, but that’s the case for most mattes and it is not the shade you want to be highly pigmented on your eyes, since it can make one look sickly if used wrong. I’m pretty sure I’ll be using it as a blush as well

Baby Peony is the perfect discription of this colour. It’s a light baby/ peony pink in matte. It is also quite sheer and I’d also want to try using it for both the eyed and the cheeks.
Hello Spring is the most gorgeous lustre of pink and silver and pearly glitter. It’s definitely something to layer on top of another colour to bring on some sparkle. It’s definitely the most unique and my favouritr shade in this palette.

Flower Walk is a metallic chocolate brown with rose gold undertones. It’s another favourite of mine. It will make a perfect crease colour for blue eyes and it has very good colour pay off and pigmentation.

Warm Morning is a metalic caramel brown/ rose gold. Beautiful colour pay off and pigmentation as well.
This palette definitely get 5 stars from me. I’m strongly considering buying a back up. The price point is only $13 so one can’t go wrong.
There you have it, Lovelies. I’ll post pictures of looks very soon. I’m just recovering from an Easter get away and my face isn’t picture ready. ☺️
Have a lovely week!



Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes Rose Garden


Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons

I have a load of new Etude House reviews coming up in the coming week, so please keep your eyes peeled.

I’m starting off with the first of two eyeshadow palettes that came out this year.


Here is Rose Garden or Rose Blossom (There seems to be two names for it):



It’s a palette containing six beautiful spring coloured eyeshadows, most red and gold toned. This palette is perfect for blue eyes.

Swatches from left to right:


 Juliette is light champagne pink with a fine pearlescent shine. It’s perfect for a brow bone highlight. 


Honey Bouquet is a glittery metallic gold. This one is similar to the lustre eyeshadows from Mac, which means it’s quite glittery and may cause a bit of fallout. The pigmentation is cry strong, but I see it as a glittery top colour. 


Antique Touch is a lovely antiqued gold. It’s very pigmented. I’d say it’s similar to Woodwinked from Mac.

Handtied is a vivid red satin. It reminds of Daydreaming by Mac in the Halley Williams collection.  It’s lovely in the crease for blue or green eyes and could also be used as a blush.

Vintage Rose is an extremely sheer rose gold. The pigmentation on this one is a tad disappointing as it looks much brighter in the palette. Lovely none the less.

My Girl is a rusty orange red satin with Amos a great colour pay off and pigmentation. It reminds me of Coppering by Mac


I’d give this palette at least 4 stars, but because the price point is so low and the quality is so high, I’m giving it 5 stars. $13 for a 6 colour palette with a mirror is something to admire. So I’ve got to give it to Etude House. They always win with quality and awesome packaging. 😍

Like I said, there are many reviews to come this week. Have a lovely week!








Mac Red Red Red Collection 2014


Ladies and Jellyspoons.

I feel like this post won’t interest many people, since Mac has been inundating us with red lipsticks this year and it’s getting a bit redundant. However, I did get a little (maybe more than just a little) beside myself when I saw the eyeshadows in this collection. I was lucky enough to pick up the two darker colours, JUST before they sold out.

Here is Red Alert: (coppery red Veluxe Pearl)


Some say it’s too similar to Mac Coppering. I must admit that I don’t have Coppering to compare it to, but Christine at Temptalia did not compare it to Coppering and I’m more than ready to take her word for it. It’s also said to be similar to Mac Gingersnap. It’s one of the shades that’s available in the Mac Cool Neutrals permanent palette, which I also don’t have,but please bear with me.

Here is the swatch:


I wore it today but I took a nap and so it’s not as vibrant as it was when I first applied it. Yes, I sleep on my belly and I often stain my pillow. I’ll add an image as soon as I do a look again.

The next colour is Strike While Haute: (true red Matte)


It’s pretty scary isn’t it? I know. I do feel that it’s something that takes the right amount of skill to pull off and it’s probably best with darker skin tones and darker eye colours. I haven’t plucked up the courage to use it yet, but here is a swatch:


I happened to have my blush palette open next to my eye shadow palette and I couldn’t help but observe how similar it is to Frankly Scarlet the blush. I won’t actually be surprised if it’s the exact same product just sold in smaller quantities and under a different name. For some this might be total disappointment, but I still feel better wearing eyeshadow on my lids than wearing blush, either way.

This is Strike While Haute (left)
Frankly Scarlet Blush (right):


It looks even more similar to the naked eye.

Sooo… If you’ve missed out of getting Strike While Haute, don’t despair. Just pick up Frankly Scarlet from your local Mac counter.

The last shadow is a light pink lustre. I don’t like lustres in any possible way because it has so much fall out, it will look like the glitter fairy puked all over you. Not just your face, but everything will have little glitter particles on it. I don’t know about you, but I’m not that desperate for some shine.

Okay folks. I hope you’ve enjoyed this.

I’m off to find good ays of wearing red eyeshadow.

Till next time



Etude House Minnie Xoxo Collection


Ladies and Jellyspoons

I’ve been meaning to do this review for 6 months now, but I was hoping to get my hands on the items missing from the collection and then I got struck with ill health for which feels like a lifetime. I am however feeling better today and I’ve decided to write this review, whilst sipping Rooibos tea and listening to The Carpenters. (You can probably tell why I’m feeling better)

I’m going to start off by reviewing the nail polishes:


I started off with #1 as the base colour (Red) in two coats and #4 as the top coat (white and pink ribbons and white and pink polka dots)


Next I used #2 (pink) as the base colour in two coats and #5 (silver ribbons with pink, white and silver)



Then I again used the #1 red base coat but this time with #6 (black Micky Mouse silhouettes with pink white and black dots) on top.


Lastly I used the pink base coat (#2) but this time with #3 (white Micky Mouse silhouettes with pink and white dots and metallic pink lines)


Now onto the face products. I got the Minnie xoxo Any Cushion Foundation:



Any cushion is a very famous Korean foundation. I should really call it a BB cream since that’s what it is. It’s a liquid foundation kept within a sponge within a compact, which you apply with a puffer powder pad. You’d think that all compact foundation is usually either very creamy or powder, but this is a liquid foundation.

I’ve been wearing this exclusively for about 6 months and I absolutely love it. I’m afraid I won’t be posting pictures of my face as I am not well, but I will be doing that very soon with another Disney collaboration with Etude House and Disney. I beg some more of you patience. I will give it five stars for a BB cream though. It’s is just amazing!

Here come the face powders:





The first one is a blusher shaped in a Minnie Mouse face with lilac, peach and pink hues. This one is definitely matte. I’m not going to swatch these because I haven’t gotten it over my heart to use them yet. You will however find many swatch images on the net.

Here is the highlighter:




The highlighter also has lilac and peach hues, but much lighter and more pearly. Again, I haven’t usedthis yet so I really don’t want to ruin it with a swatch.

Next up is the lipstick. There were two in the set but the red one sold out like hot cakes and I just couldn’t get my hot little hands on it.

This is #02 Bubble Pink:


Here’s a lip swatch: 

I also only got two of the three eyeshadows.


Here are the swatches. I got PK006 (matte bright pink) and PK005 (matte caramel brown):


I didn’t get the lashes, mascara or loose Minnie shaped glitter.

I hope you enjoyed this.

Till next time.



My Mac Eyeshadow Collection


Starting from the top left to right:
R1. Romantique, Daydreaming, Sushi Flower, Cranberry, Vanilla.

R2. Sex & The Oyster, Expensive Pink, Satin Taupe, Amber Lights, Ricepaper.

R3. Parfait Amour, Purple Haze, Trax, Crème de Violet, Beautiful Iris.


It’s a pale, shimmery pink.
Colour Pay Off: 3/5
Texture: shimmery with fall out
Permanent or limited: Limited Asia Only
Finish: lustre
Worn: over another colour to add sparkle. Blended for subtler colours.



A bright pearly coral

Colour Pay Off: 5/5
Texture: buttery smooth
P or LE: Limited with the Haley Williams 2013 collection
Finish: Veluxe Pearl
Worn: all over the lid or in the crease with Expensive Pink on the lid.


Sushi Flower:

A bright pinky coral.

Colour Pay Off: 4/5
Texture: Light and buttery. Needs layering
P or LE: Permanent.
Finish: satin
Worn: on the lid or in the crease with Amberlights on the lid.



Deep berry red.

Colour Pay Off: 5/5
Texture: metallic buttery smooth
P or LE: permanent
Finish: Frost
Worn: all over the lid or on the lid with Satin Taupe or Romantique in the crease.



Light off white pink

Colour Pay Off: 2/5
Texture: chalky
P or LE: permanent.
Finish: velvet
Worn. As a brow bone or highlight colour. As a blending colour.


Sex & The Oyster

Dark sea blue.

Colour Pay Off: 5/5
Texture: Metallic buttery smooth
P or LE: Limited Edition from Mac Indulge collection.
Finish: Veluxe Pearl
Worn: all over the lid. Lining lower lash line. Inner half with Cranberry outer half of the lid.


Expensive Pink:

Peach with pink and gold duo chrome.

Colour Pay Off: 5/5
Texture: metallic buttery smooth
P or LE: Permanent
Finish: Veluxe Pearl
Worn: all over the kid every single day of spring and summer until I hit the pan.


Satin Taupe:

Kiwi bird colour. (Mix of grey and brown)

Colour Pay Off: 5/5
Texture: metallic buttery smooth
P or LE: permanent
Finish: frost
Worn: in the crease, on the lid or as brow filler.


Amber Lights:

Coppery gold.

Colour Pay Off: 5/5
Texture: METALLIC 😀
P or LE: Permanent
Finish: frost
Worn: in the crease with Ricepaper on the lid (blue eyes brighten instantly)



Light butterscotch yellow.

Colour Pay Off: 5/5
Texture: buttery
P or LE: Permanent
Finish: Frost
Worn: on the lid with gold in the crease. Highly recommend for blue eyes. Brow bone highlight for tanned girls.


Parfait Amour:

Bright blue toned purple/ indigo.

Colour Pay Off: 5/5
Texture: buttery
P or LE: Permanent
Finish: Frost
Worn: In the crease with any lighter purple on the lid.


Purple Haze:

Lavender Purple

Colour Pat Off: 4/5
Texture: chalky
P or LE: D for discontinue. D for disappointed in Mac for discontinuing it.
Finish: Matte
Worn: best smokey eyes crease colour ever!!!



Burgundy purple with gold floating glitter.

Colour Pay Off: 5/5
Texture: buttery with gold flecks.
P or LE: Permanent
Finish: Velvet
Worn: on the lid on its own, or with something gold in the crease.


Crème de Violet

Violet purple with floating gold glitter.

Colour Pay Off: 2/5
Texture: chalky, patchy, rubbish.
P or LE: Permanent. They should just discontinue the rubbish. Meh
Finish: no, I’ll never finish it. Sorry I mean Frost
Worn: WITH EFFORT mostly not worn at all


Beautful Iris:

Metallic Lilac

Colour Pay Off: 5/5
Texture: metallic buttery smooth
P or LE: Permanent. I swear I’ll lose my head if they discontinue it.
Finish: Veluxe Pearl
Worn: all spring long. On the lid with any darker purple on the crease.


Please let me know if I’ve skipped over some awesome. I have an extensive wish list but feel free to add to it.

I hope you enjoyed this. Seriously don’t buy Crème de Violet. Don’t let the sexy French charm you into buying that rubbish.

That is all.


5 Mac Purple Eyeshadows


I’ve recently directed my Mac wishlist to purples and pinks. I’ve only started collecting Mac singles in January and at first I just bought whichever colour appealed to me the most on Pinterest and YouTube, but since I got my pro palettes, I want to create order of some sort at least. So my 3 most recent purchases are all leaning towards purple.

Here are they so far:



Top row: Parfait Amour (Frost) It’s a shiny violet purple with undertones of red and pink in the shimmer. It’s almost like a duo chrome, but it’s subtle. The shimmer particles are very small and there isn’t fall out. Upon application this colour can be a bit blotchy like a matte colour, but it only requires another layer to fix that. It’s definitely one of my favorites.


Next is Purple Haze. (Matte) I’m not usually a fan of matte eye shadows, but this one is an exception. It’s great in the crease for a smokey eye. It has zero shimmer witch is perfect for women who don’t like to look like glitter fairies. It’s also a perfect blending colour.


Next is Crème De Violet (Frost) it’s a pinky toned violet with gold shimmer particles. Of all my purples, this is my least favourite. It’s gorgeous in the pan but the colour payoff is really bad and needs a lot of layering and packing on. I find it works the best with a wet primer. I wouldn’t totally discourage you from buying this. It’s not a colour that easily replaced with others. It’s such a unique colour so I’d say it’s worth the effort.


Second row: Beautiful Iris (veluxe pearl) I love veluxe pearl eye shadows. This one is a lilac purple with a pink and darker purple duo chrome. It’s got a holographic look. From different angles the colour looks different. The colour pay off is amazing and it’s just a timeless colour to have. I’d be really upset if they’d ever discontinue it.


The last colour is Trax (Velvet) It’s a burgundy purple shade with larger gold flecks in it. I fell hopelessly in love with the colour when I saw it. This is the only eyeshadow I’ve ever bought without studying it before hand. I saw it, loved it and bought it. It’s also one,similar to Parfait Amour, that needs a little more layering, but only 2 or 3 layers will do. It’s a very versatile colour and can be worn with purples, golds, reds, pinks and browns.


Here are the swatches:


From left to right: Trax, Beautiful Iris, Crème De Violet, Purple Haze and Parfait Amour

If there are any great purples you’d recommend, please let me know. I’d love to get as many purples as I can get.

Have a lovely week!