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My Mac Matte/ Retro Matte Lipstick Collection

Hello Ladies and Jellyspoons

I know it’s been a while. Between work, choir and studies I’ve really started neglecting you all and I just want to say I still love you all and I think of my blog every day, but I just wasn’t coping for a while.

I recently acquired another matte lipstick by Mac and decided to make a collective blog of all the matte finished lipsticks that I own by them. GUYS… I didn’t even know I had half the ones I have, because I was so busy with life and all its challenges that I always just grab the ones I know look great on me.

RETRO MATTE is what Ruby Woo is famous for. MAC describes it as “LONG-WEARING, FULL COVERAGE, COMPLETELY MATTE FINISH.” It’s an incredibly long lasting, super matte matte formula. It’s really dry and not creamy at all in application, so even though I haven’t followed my own advice on this, I’d recommend using a lip primer for this. If you don’t have a lip primer, make sure you’ve used a good sugar scrub before application, and apply chapstick the evening before you plan to wear it, and also chug down on that H2O, since no amount of chapstick is going to save you from dehydration.

Ruby Woo (retro matte) is one of Rihanna’s favourite lipsticks and she actually did a colab with them a few years back where she did her own version of the lipstick and called it Riri Woo. I didn’t want to get it because it was flying off the shelves and left some fans unable to get it because it was limited edition and in such high demand. It is also so similar to RubyWoo, which is a top seller and a permanent, that I just didn’t feel like I needed to get it. The point is, when Riri likes it, it’s probably worth the hype. And it really really is. It’s a perfect bright pin up red. Mac describes it as “Very matte vivid blue red.” 

All Fired Up (Retro Matte) is a beautiful matte fuchsia. It’s the same formula as Ruby Woo, so you know it’s good. I wore it yesterday and got many compliments including Korean men on the subway going: “wow! Hello!” which I off course ignored. Point is it’s universally flattering and it will get you turning a few heads. MAC describes it as a “Bright fuchsia matte.”

MATTE is just their regular matte formula, which seems to be the best selling and fan favourite. It’s much more creamy and easier to apply than Retro Matte, and definitely not as drying. I for one have more matte lipsticks from them than any other finish, so it’s definitely the case for me. Their best selling matte lipstick is the famous Russian Red. There is an ongoing debate on instagram and the rest of the interwebs about which is better between Russian Red and Ruby Woo. I’m the type of person who will say: You know what? I love red lipsticks so much, why not both?

Russian Red (Matte) is my very first Mac lipstick. I swore I wouldn’t get into buying Mac lipsticks because of the price here in Korea, but then I came across BACK TO MAC and I had 6 little empty eyeshadow containers after starting an eye shadow palette. This was back when Korea didn’t limit BACK TO MAC to a select few options, and when they still allowed you to choose whichever one you wanted. I initially wanted Angel which was made famous by Kim Kardashian, but they were sold out so I chose Russian Red instead. Guys and Girls, it is 4 years later. I have more than 20 Mac lipsticks and I still don’t have Angel and I don’t even regret that I got Russian Red instead because it’s every level of awesome. It’s more of a blood red matte than Ruby Woo, although they are said to be similar enough that you don’t need both. Two words to that: NO RAGRETS. 😉

Mac Red (Matte) This is the lipstick that will forever and a day remind me of Taylor Swift and her album called Red. The lipstick that she is wearing in the album photography is likely to be Mac Red, if anyone asked me It also leans more pink toned than Russian Red. Again: you don’t need all of these. I am just obsessed with having every red lipstick from Mac and I needed to get more from them when I was blogging for a company where I had to compare different lipsticks. Also, a girl can never have too many red lipsticks.

Mac Red (matte)

MAC Red to my surprise is one of the lesser (internationally) known red mattes, and in my opinion way under rated. It has the creamy texture of the matte but comes in a beautiful warm toned pin up red. It’s more ripe tomato red than Russian Red.

Pink Pigeon

I had to choose between the notorious Candy Yum Yum and Pink Pigeon. Since I was asked to write a dupe article for a pink Mac lipstick, I bought pink pigeon because it more closely matched the swatch of an Etude House lipstick that I own. I will write a dupe post forthrightly 🤓


Heroine is one of many purple lipsticks that have been on my wishlist for the longests time, but I never got down to buying it for years because I didn’t know if I’d have the guts to wear it, even though purple is my favourite colour. Well, I finally got my hands on it and I am not sad that I did. Not only because it is the perfect matte formula, but because it is the most rebellious and incongruent colour to wear on the lips, or so I thought before I got my hands on Matte Royal. I like how Heroine is a colour that can be associated with Manic Panic purple hair, and rock chicks. Singer and songwriter Lorde actually came out with her own version of Heroine as a collaboration with MAC. I was contemplating getting it and realised it’s too similar to the real Mccoy to really deserve to be in my collection.

Matte Royal

Remember what I said about Heroine being incongruous and rebellious? Well, I believe that just got outdone 😉 Matte Royal is the perfect example of royal blue. I wanted this one to wear as a fairy tale look, like the Snow Queen or Corpse Bride etc. I wouldn’t say this one is SFW (Safe for work) especially here in Korea where it’s virtually impossible to even get a purple lipstick, let alone a blue. I do however want to encourage you to wear whatever colour you want if that’s what you like. I’ve worn dark burgundy to work and been told I look like a vampire, and taken it a compliment and continued to wear it anyway because I can.

Sounds Like Noise (Limited Edition Paramore) 

Sounds Like Noise may be recognised by some of you as lyrics from a Hayley Williams (Paramore) song. That’s because it is.hayley-williams-gallery

Sounds Like Noise was created by her in collaboration with Mac. She also came out with the most beautiful eyeshadow called Daydreaming which I ended up buying three back up for because I liked it so much. I must say I have been using this lipstick as an under eye colour corrected, rather than a lipstick, because I just don’t know whether bright orange suits me. Maybe it’s a mindset or more like a mental block that I need to get over. Here in Korea many ladies have very white skin and black hair and they ROCK their orange tints and lipsticks in brighter hues than these so I really have no excuse.

Halsey (Limited Edition)

Halsey is another musician collaboration. 3be775fe_edit_img_facebook_post_image_file_40078829_1454697441hmdsqi-fbshare.jpg

I really liked the concept of wearing such an unnatural lipstick colour on the lips. I figured I have enough similar features to Halsey to pull it off, and I actually really like the way it look on me, with my blue black hair. I can’t tell you much about this musician since I am a bit too bookish lately to be catching up with music trends of the day. I do however think she is pretty and badd ass and her lipstick colour choice is exactly the amount of contrary that makes me go: I like that chick. She doesn’t play by the rules.

Viva Glam ARIANA GRANDE (Limited Edition)

Viva Glam is also a collaboration with celebrities and musicians, but it’s slightly different from the previous lipsticks I mentioned in that Viva Glam is a non profit organisation that funds AIDS research. Every single cent spent on a Viva Glam lipsticks goes to that fund, so MAC makes absolutely no proceeds from these. Ariana Grande happened to be the spokesperson for Viva Glam in 2016, so she got to collaborate with them and make two lipsticks that not only celebrates her on style, and thereby attracting her fans to purchase them and simultaneously donate to the AIDS fund, but she also helped create awareness, since she is such an influential person. They have had several people collaborate with them in the past including: Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and many many more. They also have a permanent line of 5 lipsticks that you can purchase with the same goal, although they are not associated with any celebrity and these lipsticks won’t ever sell out or discontinue, whereas the yearly ones do, sadly.



Viva Glam I is one that I bought because I actually became obsessed with owning every single red lipstick that MAC has. They come out with new permanent collections so fast that I couldn’t keep up, but I was really happy to not only own the beauty, but to sponsor a great cause whilst doing so. I have other Viva Glam lipsticks, and I will have to write a long round up of the ones I have so far, but this is one of my all time favourites, because it’s in a matte formula.

That’s it from me, folks. I have so much to share with you that I’m literally not keeping up, but without giving away too many spoilers: I will be writing on the rest of my MAC lipsticks, formula by formula, and let you know what I think of each one.

Have a lovely Christmas Season




Etude House Kerry Hess Lipstick Review


Hi Ladies and  Jellyspoons

It’s been a long while since the Kerry Hess collection released at Etude House, and you all know I can get a bit crazy when they release something new, because know exactly how to package cute products and provide stunning quality for low prices. I wasn’t able to get all of the collection, but I by the time I eventually got the products I wanted, I was so pumped about the blushes which you can see here, that I completely forgot to review the lipsticks! How silly of me!! So I thought, you know what: they are still available on their site so I’m going to go ahead a review them anyone. Rather late that never, right?

I realized that I never wear my peachy  lipsticks so I didn’t get the whole collection. I got three of the five. Here they are:


If you are familiar with the brand you can probably tell that the lipstick containers are similar to their Dear My Blooming Lips Talk and Dear My Colour Pop lines. If you want to see a review on them you can find it here.


Actually they have just recently changed their packing for the Dear My Blooming Lips Talk line, to a less princessy look. Cha cha cha cha changes. I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about it.

Here is a picture:


Okay, so let’s get back on track. Not only are the Kerrie Hess lipstick is matte container, as compared to the original Dear My Blooming Lips Talk line, but it also has a special detail – there are tiny little ballet shoes printed on the inner shaft of the lipstick bullet.

Here are the swatches of the three I got:








As you can tell, some of the collies are very similar. They are a bit more on the matte side with regards to texture or finish. 
Do you honestly need them, aside from the packaging? I’d say, no. There are very similar ones ok the permanent line, but I’m still happy hat I got them. The purple was a fail, as they usually are. It’s not oftennyou find an Etude House purple that wears purple, and that makes me sad. I don’t want to wear my limited edition Belle lipstick to death because I can’t find another colour similar to it 😦 

There’s you have it. Would you purchase these? Let me know in the comment section. 




Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick Review


Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons.

I have another Creammelow review for you today, but since I wrote the previous review so many months ago, I thought I’d review the both of them for you today. Creammelow2.jpg

The first one I got is number 8 and tranlates as Glossy Red. 

Here is what it looks like on my lips:


As you can tell, it is very creamy and the colour is really strong with this one. I didn’t have to apply extra layers at all. I like the way it glides on without being patchy or sheer.

The next one I got is number 10 and it’s called Latte Brown.

Here is what it looks like on the lips:


This one is a lot more sheer, but I love the colour since it a unique nude and it will look different on everyone depending on the natural colour of your lips.

Here is a picture of the product line. They retail for w12 000 and I want all of them 🙂


There you have it beauties and beaus. I will be getting more of these soon and off course you’d be the first to know what I think.

Lots of love and best wishes for the new year.


I refrigerate my makeup.

Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons.

I thought I was the only crazy one who thinks it’s necessary to keep my lipsticks in the fridge. For me, especially in summer, it makes sense to keep them cool this way. Especially since I don’t like using the AC too much.

Well, I decided to do some research on this and found out that there is actually method in the madness:

If you’re someone who likes buying special editions that are out of production, or like buying back ups for lipsticks that you love, this is a great idea. Lipsticks, just like food, contain oils that over time will go rancid. (Gross thought right there) It’s true. So keeping your lipsticks, liners, foundations and perfumes in the fridge will prolong their life.

Be careful though not to have them in too cold a fridge. The oils in the lipsticks will surface, causing the lipsticks to no longer glide on smoothly.

I don’t know about you, but when I pay $28 for a lipstick, (yes, that’s what Mac lippies go for in Korea) I want to make sure I preserve them as well as I can. 🙂

Where do you keep your stashes? Anyone else put their makeup in the fridge?



Etude House My Little Nut Lipstick Review


Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons

It’s been a long while since I was able to post on here, but I promise that this coming year will be more fruitful. This past year I have been blogging for a site called DupeUp. You can have a look at them over here. I will not be blogging for them this coming year, but I will from time to time share my blogs with you, that have been published there. I want to also take a moment to thank everyone for your support over the years and welcome those who have recently started following me. I only have love and appreciation for all of you.

Today I will be sharing my thoughts on some Etude House products. Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I have a very loving relationship with the brand. I find it very hard to restrain myself whenever they bring out a new collection, especially involving lipsticks.

This year they came out with a Nutcracker themed Christmas collection called My Little Nut. 🙂 I love the name. Not only am I obsessed with all things Russian including Tolstoy, ballet and the guy who plays piano for our choir (kidding), but I also really like Christmassy things. They have 7 lipsticks, 2 eye shadow pallets, mascaras in different colours, lip tints, hand creams, and cushion foundations. (I already have so many Etude House cushion foundations that it would be a crime if I got any more, but it is tempting.) I plan to eventually get my hands on the rest of the lipsticks and the eyeshadow palettes, but I will only be reviewing two lipsticks today.

Here’s the collection of lipsticks. I will be reviewing two of them today. Depending on what I get in my Christmas stocking (touch wood) I might be able to review more of the collection in the near future.


First of all, look at the packaging of these!


Those little soldiers are just too adorable! I believe there are only two variants of the boxes, as that is the case for the casing of lipstick itself. Here they are:image2-1

The first one I had my eye on is Nutcracker Pink PK01. What caught my attention is that it’s not just the average dark pink, but it has the most beautiful fine pink shimmer in it. I hope you will be able to see what I am referring to:

Here it is in the packing:image5-1

And here it is swatched on my lips:image8

I should really get a back up of this one. It glides on so smoothly, as do all their Dear My Enamel Lips products, which I believe these are just special editions of. The packaging looks the same in shape, but the regulars are in a matte pink plastic casing, where these are shiny pink with the extra Nutcracker themed gold details.

The next one is called Red Chilly Peppers RD 305

Here it is in the tube:image6

It reminds of Chilly by MAC, in colour only, as this one is more of cream sheen finish. I was never one for brownish reds, but since I’ve coloured my hair black, it seems to look better on my than when my hair was brown or blonde.

Here is swatched on my lip:


AS you can see, the creamier consistency definitely makes it much more opaque then it comes across in the tube. Even though it is labelled red, it’s really more of a terra cotta brown.

Here they are swatched on my arm:image7

There remind me a lot of the Dear My Wish Lips Talk collection, especially Red Chilly Peppers. They apply really smoothly, but I would recommend a good lip scrub for those living in dry areas or struggling with chapped lips. The opaque finish and the creaminess makes it easy for any dry patches on the lips to be emphasized.


The verdict:


They are affordable

Great quality

Applies smoothly yet evenly

Not drying at all


Opaque and creamy can make chapped lips look bad

Limited edition so if you love it, you can’t go back and get another one

You would want them all and it might hurt you savings a bit.

Would I repurchase? Yes, in fact I feel the need to buy some extras in case I run out.


There you have it beauties and beaus.

Tell me which part of the collection interests you the most and why, in the comments bellow.

Merry Christmas and lots of love


NA-EORILTTAE Persona Cushion Liptint Review


Hello Ladies and Jellybeans

I am busy with a 5 part blog series on products that I have been asked to review for Amore Pacific and their new brand called Na-Eorilttae.

Na-Eorilttae means “when I was young” in Hangul (Korean), and it’s a new innovative brand with its focus on clean, makeup and antibacterial applicators. Their cushion foundation puffs, lip tint sponges, brushes and spoolies are all designed to remain clean and free of any germs or bacteria; and their mascara and lipgloss containers are designed to not allow air to penetrate through the opening, while the product is being used; preventing the spread of germs and airborne bacteria, as well as preventing premature drying.

I have posted a review on their Edgeholic Door Mascara. You can find it here:
Today I will be reviewing one of two lip products: Persona Cushion Liptint is in a series of five different matte lipsticks. They are called lip tints, but they apply like matte lipstick from a tube. The products is dual ended. On the one end you get a retractable lipstick, and on the other a sponge tip that is meant to work as a spoolie with which you remove smudges or feathering, which can often happen when wearing matte lip products.  I was asked to choose one of five different colours, and this burnt orange colour appealed to me the most, since I love deep reds and oranges and it matches fall perfectly.

This is what the packaging looks like:


And this is the sponge, which is one of their bacteria free applicators:


Here is what the product looks like in the packaging:


This is what the it looks like swatched on my hand:

And here it is on my lips. (I’m an NW15-20 in MAC foundations for reference):


These are definitely matte, but not like typical super drying matte lipsticks. It definitely has a creamier application.

I am very pleased with these products over all, and I will definitely be getting some of the other lipsticks for future reviews.

Here is where you can find them:


They are currently on sale for w11 200 per lipstick, and the original price is w16 000. For me that is a reasonable price,  considering the quality of these products. Average Korean brands have a price range or w12 000 – w15000, so to me they are affordable and worth every scent.

There you have it, beauties. I will be reviewing three more Na-Eorilttae products in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled.



Beyond Alice Through The Looking Glass Lipsticks 

Dear Ladies and Jellyspoons
This collection review is going to come piece by piece because as you can imagine, these products are flying off the shelves and selling out like hot cakes, and I wasn’t able to get my hands on everything yet.
Beyond Cosmetics has decided to do another lovely collection featuring Disney’s Alice In Wonderland. I WISH that I was able to snag the previous collection, to review for you, and because I am low key obsessed with Alice in Wonderland. I was very blessed to be able to get my hands on four of the six  lipsticks with the new collaboration and I got the cushion foundation as well. Today however I will only be talking about the lipsticks, as to not make my reviews to lengthily and bore you to death. I had to specifically order the two red ones because they were already out of stock, and then I wasn’t able to get the orange ones as of yet, but I’ll add them to the blog as soon as I can. For now I will be reviewing numbers  1, 2, 4 and 6.
Beyond Alice in Blooming Two Tone.png
As you can see, the lipsticks come in the most beautiful clear containers (representing the looking glass) with tiny little silver iridescent silhouettes of Alice on the inner shaft of the container.

What has not been featured on this photograph is that the lipsticks are two toned, each featuring a trippy, spade (from the card game) triangular shape in an alternative colour.

Number 1. Cherry Peony (체리 피오니)


Cherry Peony is a pinup red with a peachy coral center.

Here it is on my lips:


As you can tell, it’s more balmy than it is a lipstick, and the two toned ombre isn’t very noticeable. I am not too disappointed because the packaging concept is absolutely fantastic!

Number 2. Rose Quarts (로즈쿼츠)


Rose Quarts is a baby pink with an opaque center. Again, it doesn’t show up wondrously on the lips, but they tried. I wonder if there is perhaps a special way in which to apply two toned lipsticks to show both the colours…



Number 4. Redsy Pansy (레디쉬팬지)



Redsy Pansy is another pinup red but this time the center is fuchsia (guava).



Here you can pick up on the ombre better than the others, in my opinion.


Number 6. Coral Cosmos (코랄 코스모스)


This one is my favourite with regards to colour combinations. It’s a deep fuchsia with a peachy center.


The verdict:


Amazing packaging!!!

Reasonably Cheap. w12 000 each

Creamy, balmy texture.

Not drying.

Lovely, fruity smell.


Ombre or two toned not very impressive.

Some of the colours are quite similar.

Nothing purple or blue or outlandish like the fairy tail.

Would I repurchase? Yes, absolutely! These are my new favourites, because Alice!!!

Tell me your thoughts on these. I will be adding the last two of the collection to this review soon. That’s if I can get my hands on them.