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Peripera Powerpuff Girl Ink Velvet Review 

Hello Everyone.

I want to first of apologise for being such an awoler lately. I’ve been kept so incredibly busy with choir, as I am part of 2 different choirs and we had massive performances these last few weeks. Luckily the big chorale is over and I finally have times to get back into my stash and review some of the latest goodies that I’ve been able to add to my collection.

Some of you have probably read by now that I’ve been getting into Peripera’s Ink for a while now. I’ve been encouraged to try more tints and since I almost lost my Peripera crayon and it got me Googling the brand a lot, I came across this line and then I found these. And off course who doesn’t love the Powerpuff Girls?

As soon as I saw these online, i knew I needed to get them. So here they are:

As far as I can tell, these are permanent colours in limited packaging. There is another on to the collection in s bright pink featuring the blonde Powerpuff Girl. The permanent Peri’s Velvet Ink line is similar to Lime Crime’s liquid Velvet lipsticks, in that it goes on wet but dries in a velvetty Matte finish.

Here is #2

It’s the first one I grabbed because I look like her, with my blue black hair and turquoise eyes. I must say I was expecting more of a bright red as opposed to this more orange toned red, but I am not complaining.

Here is #6

Guys don’t be like me: don’t look at the bottle and think that’s the colour of the actual product. I also thought this ones was a red. Swatch, by all means do. I honestly would not have grabbed this one had it been in regular packaging and had I swatched it. I am however surprised at how much I do like this on me, and my horizons and mindset are being broadened.

I must say I thought having an “Ink remover” is a bit excessive, but nope. These tints stay on for a very long time and I would highly recommend a lip scrub or at least really good moisture, because as all Matte lipsticks are, these will show up all the cracks and dry patches and probably add to them as well.

Here is of the rest of the collection. 

As you can well imagine I’m probably going to end up broke and happy because I want it all.

Have you tried any Peripera tints lately? What are your thoughts?

I have two more from 2 different lines to review for you so hold onto your seats.




Peripera Rouge Pang Review


Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons

I just recently almost lost my Peripera Tint Crayon, but got it back. To cut a long story short, I got a tad sentimental and ended up in Watson’s where I picked up a few Peripera products, which I will be reviewing for here. 

When I reviewed that lip crayon, someone had suggested that I check out their Rouge Pang line, and I’m glad I did. They are not only adorably packaged which is to be expected from Peripera, but they are also really great products, which is why it is not surprise why they are so famous among the Korean beauty community. 

This is the one I got:


It’s definitely as cute as it looks in the promotional image, if not cuter. The container has a slanted top in the colour of the product, which is always ideal. There’s nothing as daunting as trying to find one particular colour among 20 odd similar lipstick containers. It gets exhausting at times. 

This is what it looks like in the tube:


It’s a beautiful shade of magenta. I feel like magenta is a hard colour to explain. It’s a orangy, red with coral undertones. 

This is what it looks like swatched:


And this is what it looks like on my lips:


This product is not like the Peri’s Tint Crayon at all, since that line comes in a matte finish, whereas this line is more creamy. It does remind me a little of the Etude House Dear My Wish Lips line in the way it applies very smoothly and with vivid colour pay off. 

The verdict:

Well all I can say is it’s not every day a brand makes me want to purchase the entire collection becaus it’s just so great. I really like this product I will definitely be picking up some of the darker colours and the purple to review for you in the future.

Which Peripera product appeals to you most and why? I’m definitely going to be exploring this brand better in the future. 

lots of love


Peripera Peri’s Ink Moist

Hello Everyone

I’m back with another Peripera review for you. These are two more products that I picked up from Watson’s after I had almost lost my Peri’s tint crayon. Long story short, I got it back but felt sentimental so I splurged a bit.

Peri’s Ink is a bestseller and their original line doesn’t have the word moist added to it. I’m aware this isn’t a word that bears good connotations for many people, but there’s logic in the name 😉 The original line is a tint that dries matte and therefor has a dry finish to it after application and drying, where the Moist line is more like a gloss and doesn’t dry as fast and as matte as the original line, from whence the word moist.

The packaging is similar to the original line in the bottles are shaped exactly the same, like little a ink well with a dropper, and an adorable anime girl as the mascot. The only difference I can make out is that the Moist line has a shiny covering on the little bottle, where the original line doesn’t.

This is what the packaging looks like:


As you can tell, the containers and the boxes have a metalic sheen to them.

I got Top Red and Soul Burgundy. Here are the swatches:


and here they are on the lips:

Top Red:


Soul Burgundy:


I wore these products non stop over the last few weeks and I can’t get enough of them. The only thing I really say is that it can be a bit patchy if it’s not evenly distributed on the lips. I also don’t have a very defined lip line, so it’ easy for me to have liquid products seep into the folds and the fine lines around my mouth which can cause feathering. I’ve heard people complain that the types of products can stain, but I must admit I always, as a rule, apply lip balm before I use a tint because tints are known to by very drying. This product isn’t super drying though, which is why they called it Moist I would guess. 

Have you caught on to the lip tint hype yet? What are your thoughts? Do you have any favourites that  you’d like me to try out? Please let me know in the comment section below. 




*As a disclaimer, I don’t use any form of photo manipulation in my images, since I don’t think that’s ethical. My images are taken in natural light. I specifically take a batch of photos for my blogs on Sundays since that’s the only day that I get a break with actual sunlight. I’d like for you to see my skin with the makeup as it is, to make my reviews honest and objective, but that means you’ll have to contend with my little peach hairs, visible pores, dry patches on the the lips, coffee stained teeth and a blemishes from time to time. 

Peripera Peri’s Tint Crayon Review 

Hi Guys

I’ve been dreaming of getting my hands on some Peripera products for about 3 years now, but I always seem to spend my money at EtudeHouse instead (as most of you already know.). I didn’t know whether they were worth the price tag, but I was sold on the packaging, because it’s anime and it’s adorable. Need I say more?

So I finally made my way to Watson’s and picked out a dark vampy red tint named #1 내숭제로  (Naesung zero)

Here it is:


The packaging on its own is a cuteness overload:


img_8068 The product is a retractable pencil similar in size to Clinique’s Chubby Sticks. Again I’m drooling over the cuteness of the packaging.

And it comes with a slanted edge which I adore because it’s perfect for creating a lip liner, but sadly this will wear off after only a few uses.

And here is the lip swatch:

It turns out to be a matte pin up red colour, similar to Russian Red by Mac at first, but once it dries it’s just a good old lip tint. I was afraid that this product would stain my lips for a while, as I did notice a product called tint remover in this brand, but I’m happy to say it DID NOT stain my lips. In fact it wore a good 4 hours after which it started to fade. When I brushed my teeth before bed, the last residue came right off without me even trying.
They retail for ₩9000 which is equivalent to $8 I believe, and I’d say they are worth the bucks for sure.
There you have it folks.

I hope you’ve had a lovely hump day!