Tony Moly Petite Blusher Delight

Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons

Today I will be reviewing some blushes, and this time it’s by Tony Moly. The Petite Blusher Delight blushes are very similar to Etude House Lovely Cookie blushers, but they come in black packaging and they come in a line of only 3 different colours, or which I was able to hunt down 2.

Here they are:



As you can tell, they are similar to the Etude House blushers in that they are in the almost exact same dome shaped, macaron cookie style casing, and they come with ribboned puffers as well. 

#1 Petite Pink is a lovely baby pink with a slight silver sparkle. 


It’s not overly sparkly, but just ever so slight so that one can almost not really pick it up on a swatch or while you’re wearing it. I personally prefer blushes to have less shine and more colour, so this one work perfectly for giving my pale face just enough of a healthy, rosy glow. 

Here’s the swatch:


The next one I got is #2 Petite Peach:


Petite Peach in the pan is not what I would call peachy. It’s more a magenta. It also has a very slight silver sheen, but even less than Petite Pink, but once you swatch it definitely comes off more peachy. 

Here’s the swatch: 


I tried without success to hunt down #3 Petite Coral. I will not give up though, and once I do get my hands on it, I will add it to this blog and reblog it.

My thoughts:

Honestly, I’ve been wearing these more frequently than my MAC and Benefit blushes. They are cute and compact. They are really affordable at the ₩5000 (roughly $5) price tag, and they are of a fantastic quality, that is only to be expected from Korean cosmetics brands. 

Have you tried any Korean blushers lately, or are you perhaps interested in trying one but you want to know whether it’s worth it? Let me know and I’ll look into it. 





Innisfree Real Fit Colour Liquid Velvet Review


Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons

I am back with another lipstick review from Innisfree. This time it’s a liquid lipstick called Real Fit Colour in Liquid Velvet. There are five different lipsticks in this line and then there are other with different finishes. You can see the five Liquid Velvet lipsticks in the picture above.

I chose V2. It’s a lovely mauve in the tube but can look slightly brighter when applied. Here is what it looks like in the tube:


In the tube it kind of reminds of a lipstick by MAC called Lovelorn, but it’s quite different once applied. Here are the swatches:


It seems to wear differently depending on how many layers you apply. This product is similar to OCC Liptars and the raved about Kiley Lipsticks, in that it applies wet but once it dries it has a matte finish. I suppose Innisfree got their idea of the ‘velvet’ from Lime Crime, since they have an extensive range of liquid velvet lipsticks as well. I will try and get my hands on a few different ones in the future to see how they compare.

This is what it looks like on my lips right after it has been applied:


These apply incredibly smooth and don’t feel drying like a regular matte lipstick would. It’s got really great colour pay of as well.

 Would I repurchase? Yes, there is a purple one that I have my eye on. I will review it as soon as I have it. I don’t really have anything negative to say about this product. Innisfree is really an outstanding brand on all fronts and one should only expect great quality from them.

That’s it from me.





The Faceshop Snow White Lipstick and Lip Tint Review


Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons

Today I have very special review for you and this time it’s from The Faceshop. The Faceshop is another amazing Korean cosmetic brand that I feel doesn’t get enough love on social media.

Some of you may know that I am a die hard Disney Classics fan and that I’m equally fond of Hans Christian Andersen‘s fairy tales, of which The Little Mermaid is my favourite. I did however wake up a little too late to the fact that The Faceshop is having a Disney Princess collab, so I was only able to get the two Snow White lip products so far.

Here are some of the collection’s promotional images:

The lipsticks:


The lip tint/ glass line:


I was only able to get the Snow White lip products and I desperately wanted to get the Little Mermaid ones too. I don’t need the others, but I might pick them up when I see them. I’m more a Disney classics fan than the modern ones.

Here they are:


As you can see, the packaging is as fantastic as they look in the promotion image. What I found surprising is that the red part of the lipstick container is the lid. The white part with the heart is the actual shaft containing the retractable lipstick product:


Here is what it looks like open:


To me the lipstick shape looks exactly like the Etude House Dear My Wish Lip Talk line. The texture is also pretty similar. I’m assuming they are using the same mould for the lipstick product itself, which doesn’t bother me. It’s a different brand with different strong points, and the quality is absolutely outstanding.

Here is the swatch:


And here is what it looks like on the lips:


It’s very creamy and applies effortlessly with vivid colour. I wish they had these as permanents since they are so good, and this sort of red is universal for all skintones and can be worn in all seasons.

The next product I got is the Snow White Tint Glass.


I really appreciate the fact that even the little Snow White picture differs from the one on the lipstick. They’ve gone through a lot of trouble to make this line as amazing as it is, and for the prices they charge per product, you really must commend them for it.

The tint glass comes with a doe foot applicator, which is my favourite kind for tint, glosses or liquid lipsticks. It makes the application even without being it being splotchy.


Here is the swatch:


Here is the lip swatch:


I am extremely  bummed that I wasn’t able to get the Ariel part of this collection, which seems to have been the most popular part as well. I am hoping that they will restock soon so I can get my hands on them, else I might have to turn to amazon.

What did you think of the promo picture. Did anything catch you eye?

Let me know in the comment section below.





Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick Review


Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons.

I have another Creammelow review for you today, but since I wrote the previous review so many months ago, I thought I’d review the both of them for you today. Creammelow2.jpg

The first one I got is number 8 and tranlates as Glossy Red. 

Here is what it looks like on my lips:


As you can tell, it is very creamy and the colour is really strong with this one. I didn’t have to apply extra layers at all. I like the way it glides on without being patchy or sheer.

The next one I got is number 10 and it’s called Latte Brown.

Here is what it looks like on the lips:


This one is a lot more sheer, but I love the colour since it a unique nude and it will look different on everyone depending on the natural colour of your lips.

Here is a picture of the product line. They retail for w12 000 and I want all of them 🙂


There you have it beauties and beaus. I will be getting more of these soon and off course you’d be the first to know what I think.

Lots of love and best wishes for the new year.


Etude House Melancholy Budapest


Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons

I’m here with another release by my favourite Korean cosmetics brand. This time they really are making me poor with the lovely new Melancholy Budapest eyeshadow collection. Isn’t that just the saddest and cutest name at the same time?  I’ve always wanted to visit Hungary.

Etude House Look At My Eyes is their permanent eye shadow collection, and with its huge range or colours and finishes and their less than $5 price point, is it any wonder why they are such popular products. They also have palettes in which you can depot them, which as some of you may know, is a big deal for me. From time to time they come out with special edition collaborations with one or two special edition shadows, but this time they’ve come out with a large selection of high quality special editions, and I literally want them all.

I managed to get six of them and as far as I can make out there are about 30. I will do an update as soon as I’ve got my hands on a few more of them. I created a little Christmas tree instead of a balloon show 😉 There are the ones which appealed to me the most.

Here are the swatches with a flash and with natural light:

From the top to the bottom:




Here’s the swatch:


PK 015 Is a coral with pink undertones.




And the swatch:

BR425 Is coppery metallic gold. 





And the swatch:

RD307 Is a antique metallic copper wit rose gold undertones.





And the swatch:

PP501 Is a duo chrome metallic lilac with a blue sheen. 




BK803 is a navy blue with sky blue glitter flecks. 


BL 606:



BL6O6 Is a metalic navy blue with a slight red duo chrome.


As you can see, these are fantastic quality and the entire range, wheter it be special edition or permanent of the Look At My Eyes eye shadows are price beteen W3000 and W7000. I already know that a lot of them are dupes for MAC and URBAN DECAY shadows. I will do an extensive blog on that in the future. The permanent collection is designed so you can depot them and put them in a palette. I have been meaning to review my palette for you for the longest time, and promise do so in the month of February. 

They have another constellation themed collection that is coming out soon, and I will make sure to pick a few up within the next month. So keep your eyes peeled.

What do you think of these? Have you been to Budapest? It has always been on my bucket list and I will have to make a plan to make it happen. 




Bell Lip Tint Review


Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons

I promised you that I’d become more open minded to the idea of lip tint. Well I am proudly presenting another lip tint review for you, so you all can see that I am trying, and I must admit, I’m getting more open to the idea for sure 😉

It’s funny because I was out with some friends for one of our friend’s birthday and I had bought her some lipsticks. She commented how she loves them, but that lip tints just last so much longer on her lips. And it got me really intrigued about the whole concept.

Some of you may know that I collect dolls. I get them from a stationary store called Artbox here in Korea. As I went to the pay point I saw these displayed on the counter, and you all know how much I love the colour purple, which in all honesty is so hard to find in Korea as a lip product because they all end up being bright pink. I just had to try these, so I picked up the purple one which is number 6.

Bell is Polish cosmetic brand that claims to be hypoallergenic. You can look at their site over here. I am actually quite surprised that this is a Polish product. I really expected it to be Japanese or Korean since lip tints were innovated here in the east. Here is what it looks like:


What it is:

It claims to be a sort of permanent marker for the lips.

It comes with a doe foot applicator and when you first apply it looks quite blue based purple.IMG_1951.JPG

I thought:  yikes, I wanted purple and now I’m going to look like an alien! Here is the swatch:


Surprisingly enough once it dries it changes to a more magenta type purple:


With regards to it being permanent: Yeah this stuff doesn’t budge, hey. I took a strong oil based wipe and tried and tried to get it off with no success. Here is what it looked like after vigorous wiping:

The verdict:

They retail for $16 which I’d be willing to pay again, especially knowing that it’s European. 

It promises that it’s permanent and it sure is. I’m sure this stuff won’t come off till I scrub my lips tomorrow morning. 

They only come in 6 shades, so if I hypothetically wanted them all, it wouldn’t break my bank account. I can tell you right now I want the red ones and the pink one. So will I repurchase? Yes. And I know my friend will love me forever if I got her some too. 

Have you tried any of their products? Tell me what you think.



Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint


Hi Ladies and Jelloshots

Yes, as promised, I am back with another Labiotte cosmetics review. Last week I uploaded a review of their wine Lipstick,  and today I will be reviewing the much more popular Wine Lip tint.

About the brand: Chateau Labiotte hit the Korean cosmetic scene by storm with their new, attractive wine themed makeup line, complete with lipstick, lip tint, foundation, eye shadow palette, skincare, mascara, blusher… you get my drift.

I sincerely thought the lipstick would be the biggest rave of all, but it seems the lip tint is much more popular. I personally prefer a good lipstick to a good lip tint, but that obviously puts in me in the minority. I was seriously tempted to just pick out two lipsticks, but I thought for the sake of variety on my site, I’d get a tint and review it as well. I chose this lovely burgundy called Merlot Burgundy (메를로건디)FullSizeRender-1.jpg

It comes with a doe foot applicator which is the best applicator for a gloss or tint in my opinion.

The first thing that I noticed about these products is that they straight up smell like wine.

Here is what it looks like swatched:


And this is what it looks like on my lips:fullsizerender-2

As you can see is disperses fairly evenly, probably depending on you lip tint application skills 🙂 of which I have zero to none. I really the way it actually cover the inner part of my bottom lip. Lipstick usually doesn’t adhere to that part of my lip at all and it drives me demented. I am happy with the results though. I was able to remove it after a couple of hours using a makeup wipe.

My take:

I need to get used to the concept of a lip tint, since it’s something I hardly ever wear, although I should probably wear it more since I don’t have the most rosy undertones on my natural lips due to anemia, and lip tints don’t transfer on glasses or you husband’s face.

Would I repurchase. Yes, absolutely. Would I pick this over their lipsticks? No, undoubtably not. I really love matte lipsticks, and the wine bottle concept is a great catch for me, which is why I’d much more likely end up with all the lipsticks than half of the tints. In saying that, for what it is, it is a really great product. I know my love for lipsticks over lip tints is an unpopular opinion which is why I knew I needed to at least try it. Maybe my new year’s resolution should be to actually wear my lip tints 🙂

What would you say? The lipstick or the lip tint, if you absolutely had to choose? Let me know in the comments.

Lots of love