NA-EORLITTAE Blooming Dew Edgeholic Lipgloss

Hi Ladies and Gentlebeasts

As some of you may know by now, I have been asked to test out five products by a new Amore Pacific brand called Na-Eorilttae. I have already reviewed two of their products: a Mascara and a lip tint. Although I was gifted these products to try and to write about, I vow to give you my 100% honest opinion. This is also not a first impression. I have been trying these products for more than a week, so that I can have a decent review of them.

Na-Eorilttae means “when I was young” and it’s an innovative Korean cosmetic brand with its focus on germ free makeup and makeup applicators.

Today I will specifically be talking about their Blooming Dew Edgeholic Gloss. The lip glosses among other products are designed with a trap door function that locks, the moment you use it. Allowing the liquid to come out of the tube, but not allowing air to be sucked back in. This brilliant idea helps to keep the products fresh and germ free for longer, since it won’t catch any airborne bacteria, as well as preventing the liquid from drying out.

I was asked to choose one of five different colours. Here they all are:

I chose the one second from the right, and it’s called Dazzling Plum (RB01)

Here it is in the packaging:

I must say the lock system is pretty impressive. The product comes out and no air gets sucked back in. Just be careful not to squeeze out too much, because you won’t be able to get it back in again.

I have swatched it on my hand for you to see the colour and consistency:

And here it is on my lips:

I am not usually a lipgloss wearer because I used to wear it to death when I was a teen, and my grandpa said that I looked like I stole bacon. Haha

I must say I will be wearing this one a lot from now on and I’m sure I’ll get into wearing lipgloss more often. One thing I can say though is that there is a taste to it when you lick your lips. The easy solution is to not lick your lips.😉

They are currently on sale on their website for W10 000 a piece and they give you a free lip brush as well.

You can find them here: Naeorilttae

Pros: lovely vibrant colour; non drying on the lips; won’t dry out in tube; affordable.

Cons: can taste artificial on the lips.

The verdict:

I personally really like this product and I’d like to get more of them, especially since they are on a sale at the moment and they come in five lovely different colours.

I hope you have enjoyed this review. For more reviews on Na-Eorilttae and other Korean cosmetics brands, don’t forget to follow my blog.

Lots of love


NA-EORILTTAE Persona Cushion Liptint Review

Hello Ladies and Jellybeans

I am busy with a 5 part blog series on products that I have been asked to review for Amore Pacific and their new brand called Na-Eorilttae.

Na-Eorilttae means “when I was young” in Hangul (Korean), and it’s a new innovative brand with its focus on clean, makeup and antibacterial applicators. Their cushion foundation puffs, lip tint sponges, brushes and spoolies are all designed to remain clean and free of any germs or bacteria; and their mascara and lipgloss containers are designed to not allow air to penetrate through the opening, while the product is being used; preventing the spread of germs and airborne bacteria, as well as preventing premature drying.

I have posted a review on their Edgeholic Door Mascara. You can find it here:

Na-Eorilttae Edgeholic Door Mascara

Today I will be reviewing one of two lip products: Persona Cushion Liptint is in a series of five different matte lipsticks. They are called lip tints, but they apply like matte lipstick from a tube. The products is dual ended. On the one end you get a retractable lipstick, and on the other a sponge tip that is meant to work as a spoolie with which you remove smudges or feathering, which can often happen when wearing matte lip products.  I was asked to choose one of five different colours, and this burnt orange colour appealed to me the most, since I love deep reds and oranges and it matches fall perfectly.

This is what the packaging looks like:

And this is the sponge, which is one of their bacteria free applicators:

Here is what the product looks like in the packaging:

This is what the it looks like swatched on my hand:
And here it is on my lips. (I’m an NW15-20 in MAC foundations for reference):

These are definitely matte, but not like typical super drying matte lipsticks. It definitely has a creamier application.

I am very pleased with these products over all, and I will definitely be getting some of the other lipsticks for future reviews.

Here is where you can find them:


They are currently on sale for w11 200 per lipstick, and the original price is w16 000. For me that is a reasonable price,  considering the quality of these products. Average Korean brands have a price range or w12 000 – w15000, so to me they are affordable and worth every scent.

There you have it, beauties. I will be reviewing three more Na-Eorilttae products in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled.



Na-Eorilttae Edgeholic Door Mascara

Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons
Today I am starting off with a 5 part series of reviews of NA-EORILTTAE cosmetics. I was asked to review these products, but I will be giving you my 100 percent honest opinion on these products regardless.

Na-Eorilttae means “when I was young” and it is a new innovative South Korean beauty brand with its focus on antibacterial makeup. They wanted to find a way in which the spoolies, sponges and puffs of their products remain clean and bacteria free. It’s definitely more high end than the average Korean products I review, and you can feel the quality not only in the packaging, but the products as well.

Today I will start off by reviewing an eye product:  Edgeholic Door Mascara (Power Volume).

Edgeholic Door Mascara plays a great part in the brand’s antibacterial innovations, in that the container is designed to lock once you’ve removed the brush, sealing off the product and not allowing air to penetrate through the opening which could potentially cause premature drying and the spread of air born bacteria. This is a big deal for me, since I always end up with a container half full of dried up mascara.

My lashes are quite long, although quite fine as well.  I was asked to choose one of five different mascaras, and I chose the Power Volume one.
Here is what the product looks like: 

As you can see: the packaging is very classy. Black with a gold print and gold twist open top.

Here is what the brush looks like: 

It’s an avaraged sized brush, and there doesn’t seem to be anything special about it, but I am very very impressed with the results.

Here are the before and after pictures: (please excuse my dark circles. I have a cold and my concealer game isn’t on point today)

As you can see, my lashes are curled back and really given so much volume without looking clumpy or gross. I really don’t like using a lash curler so I love that these make my lashes look curled. I can’t tell whether this one is meant to be waterproof, but it sure feels like it is. I had to use a makeup wipe to remove it.
I must say I was very apprehensive about testing a Mascara, especially with a sponsored blog because I have had allergic reactions to some other brands like Etude House and Lancôme, and that is no indication of the quality of the product, but rather just one pesky ingredient that doesn’t gel with me. Although Lancôme is high end, there is an unknown ingredient that just doesn’t go well with my ultra sensitive eyes and skin. This mascara does however work well without any level of sensitivity, and I’ve worn it for a good week, every day at least.
These are not available on the site as of yet, but I’ll be able to give you an update on the price soon.


waterproof, non drying and antibacterial.

Beautiful colour

Massive volume without clumping

Luscious lashes for days.

Cons: not available yet, but hold onto your seats
Would I purchase this? Yes, absolutely! For someone who struggles with finding a good mascara that doesn’t cause adverse reactions, and someone who always ends up with dry mascara long before it’s finished, I would buy this without a second thought.

There you have it guys. I’ll be reviewing a lovely lipstick next, so keep your eyes pealed.

Beyond Alice Through The Looking Glass Lipsticks 

Dear Ladies and Jellyspoons
This collection review is going to come piece by piece because as you can imagine, these products are flying off the shelves and selling out like hot cakes, and I wasn’t able to get my hands on everything yet.
Beyond Cosmetics has decided to do another lovely collection featuring Disney’s Alice In Wonderland. I WISH that I was able to snag the previous collection, to review for you, and because I am low key obsessed with Alice in Wonderland. I was very blessed to be able to get my hands on four of the six  lipsticks with the new collaboration and I got the cushion foundation as well. Today however I will only be talking about the lipsticks, as to not make my reviews to lengthily and bore you to death. I had to specifically order the two red ones because they were already out of stock, and then I wasn’t able to get the orange ones as of yet, but I’ll add them to the blog as soon as I can. For now I will be reviewing numbers  1, 2, 4 and 6.

As you can see, the lipsticks come in the most beautiful clear containers (representing the looking glass) with tiny little silver iridescent silhouettes of Alice on the inner shaft of the container.


 What has not been featured on this photograph is that the lipsticks are two toned, each featuring a trippy, spade (from the card game) triangular shape in an alternative colour.

Number 1. Cherry Peony (체리 피오니)


Cherry Peony is a pinup red with a peachy coral center.

Here it is on my lips:


As you can tell, it’s more balmy than it is a lipstick, and the two toned ombre isn’t very noticeable. I am not too disappointed because the packaging concept is absolutely fantastic!

Number 2. Rose Quarts (로즈쿼츠)


Rose Quarts is a baby pink with an opaque center. Again, it doesn’t show up wondrously on the lips, but they tried. I wonder if there is perhaps a special way in which to apply two toned lipsticks to show both the colours…



Number 4. Redsy Pansy (레디쉬팬지)


Redsy Pansy is another pinup red but this time the center is fuchsia (guava).


Here you can pick up on the ombre better than the others, in my opinion.


Number 6. Coral Cosmos (코랄 코스모스)


This one is my favourite with regards to colour combinations. It’s a deep fuchsia with a peachy center.


The verdict:


Amazing packaging!!!

Reasonably Cheap. w12 000 each

Creamy, balmy texture.

Not drying.

Lovely, fruity smell.


Ombre or two toned not very impressive.

Some of the colours are quite similar.

Nothing purple or blue or outlandish like the fairy tail.

Would I repurchase? Yes, absolutely! These are my new favourites, because Alice!!!

Tell me your thoughts on these. I will be adding the last two of the collection to this review soon. That’s if I can get my hands on them.







Rainbow Henna Hair Color

img_0385Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons

I finally got the courage to colour my hair with Henna again. I initially wanted to get Caca Noir from LUSH (Yes, that means black poop in French), but South Korea doesn’t stock any of their Henna products so I was forced search for alternatives. Luckily we have access to and I was able to find this lovely product on their site for a mere $6 US.

If you’ve ever tried henna, you’ll know that it’s an incredibly messy procedure, but it’s totally worth it. Why Indian women swear by it is that it not only colours the hair to the most perfect natural looking colour, and they have many shades to choose from, it also colours grey and it is completely chemical free. It’t also supposed to condition the hair, which I haven’t found to be true, but we’ll get into that a little later.

What it is:

Henna is a dye from a tropical shrub with small red, white and pink flowers. It was originally used in India and parts of northern Africa to dye hair, nails and for temporary tattoos on the skin. It is available in black, brown, different shades of red, burgundy and orange, as well as lilac or lavender colours. Henna only penetrates the outer layer of the hair, so it is a somewhat similar to a temporary hair dye kit, but it’s completely natural, and one has to reapply it every 4 to 6 weeks.


The instruction says to mix the powder with a strong brew of black tea or coffee to make it extra dark. I used a strong brew of coffee from Juicy. Then you apply to damp hair and comb it into the hair with a wide toothed comb. Warning, it might be hot if the coffee is super hot. The heat is important since the henna reacts to the it. You then wrap you head with cling wrap and allow the product to sit for 4-7 hours, depending on the results you are looking for. I wanted my hair extra dark, so I left mine on for 7 full hours.

Here is what it looks like: (on the left is the powder itself. On the right is the mixture)

I wanted the blackest black colour, since it doesn’t make you hair orangy in any way. Here are some pictures of before and after the procedure:

Before and after.


Notice how my hair not only looks much darker but much more sleek and smooth after the procedure. I guess that it what they mean but ‘henna is a natural moisturizer or treatment.’ I must say that my hair did feel quit dry afterwards and what I found most noticeable is that I smelt like a freshly brewed pot of green tea, or like I’ve been living in a barn with hay, for a good week after application. I also noticed that the water in my shower ran blue every time I washed my hair for a week as well. I guess that’s from the indigo that is added to black henna, to make the colour darker and more vibrant.


Pros: Cheap, DIY, natural, non chemical, non permanent.

Cons: Messy, smelly, long process.

All in all I am very satisfied with the end results and I will definitely be trying this again in a good 6 weeks or so.

Have you ever used henna? Did you have good or bad experiences. Have you tried Caca Noir or any of the other Lush Caca products? Let me know in the comment section.






Red My Lips 2016 

Ladies and Gentlebeasts 

Usually my blogs aren’t sad and deep, but this time it is. If you haven’t heard of Red My Lips yet, then I’ll briefly explain it here. RML is a campaign that started in 2012. It’s a non profit organisation. During the month of April, individuals all around the works pledge to wear red lipstick every single day of the month to raise awareness about sexual assault and any forms of sexual abuse. This doesn’t exclude the male gender, as many may know, and many men have pledged to wear red lipstick right along with their sisters ans girlfriends. 
Today’s blog is going to be an inspiration (let’s hope) for those who are interested in the cause. Here are a few options that I have in my collection to help make the cause fun and interesting: 
Mac Ruby Woo

Mac Russian Red 

Mac Viva Glam 1

Mac Lady Bug

Mac Chilli 

Mac Red 

Mac Lady Danger 

Mac Dubonet 

Mac Cherry Lip Liner 

OCC Liptar Stalker

OCC Liptar Vintage 

Urban Decay 69

Urban Decay Super Saturated Lip Pencil Theodora 

Peripera Peri’s Tint 1

Innisfree Creammellow #8

Etude House DMWLT RD301

Etude House Dear My Color Pop OR 221
I will be adding images of each as I go through this cause, so be patient.
For more information go to: 

Be sure to check out the ways in which you can help aside from wearing red lipstick, by purchasing merchandise, donating etc.

I hope many of you will be joining me this month. 
Lots of love 

Amanda Koker 


Mac x Caitlyn Jenner 

Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons 

Today I have a very interesting topic. If you don’t know about Mac Viva Glam yet, I’ll explain it to you here, so you can understand the rest of the context of the ariticle. Mac cosmetics has a collection of lipsticks where the entire price of the product goes directly to the AIDS foundation; Which means not only a portion of what we as consumers invest in these products go to the foundation, but every cent goes to it. Not only do they produce 6 permanent lipsticks which are all amazing products, but they also come out with a yearly collaboration with a celebrity to bring out a limited edition lipstick and a lipgloss. This year they have collaborated with Ariana Grande. Last year it was Miley Cirus and over the years they have collaborated with Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and many many more. 

This April* Mac will be releasing a lipstick in collaboration with the infamous Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, the father of the Kardasians and former Olympic athlete, who underwent a complete sex change last year and had the entire world in a buzz with controversial opinions. (As far as opinions go, I will keep mine to myself.) Mac Cosmetic’s collaboration with Caitlun Jenner is NOT in conjunction with the Viva Glam AIDS foundation however, but instead is a foundation in support of the transgender community. I’m assuming the funds for these lipsticks will sponsor people who feel like they are one gender trapped in the body of the other gender, and wants to be freed, finally. 
The lipstick for this year is a beautiful mauve and it is called Finally Free.

Let me know what you think of this. Will you support it? Will you boycot it? Do you want the lipstick?
Personally I will be getting the lipstick, because I think it is beautiful. 

Lots of love 
*Mac Finally Free launches April 7th 2016