Red My Lips 2016 

Ladies and Gentlebeasts 

Usually my blogs aren’t sad and deep, but this time it is. If you haven’t heard of Red My Lips yet, then I’ll briefly explain it here. RML is a campaign that started in 2012. It’s a non profit organisation. During the month of April, individuals all around the works pledge to wear red lipstick every single day of the month to raise awareness about sexual assault and any forms of sexual abuse. This doesn’t exclude the male gender, as many may know, and many men have pledged to wear red lipstick right along with their sisters ans girlfriends. 
Today’s blog is going to be an inspiration (let’s hope) for those who are interested in the cause. Here are a few options that I have in my collection to help make the cause fun and interesting: 
Mac Ruby Woo

Mac Russian Red 

Mac Viva Glam 1

Mac Lady Bug

Mac Chilli 

Mac Red 

Mac Lady Danger 

Mac Dubonet 

Mac Cherry Lip Liner 

OCC Liptar Stalker

OCC Liptar Vintage 

Urban Decay 69

Urban Decay Super Saturated Lip Pencil Theodora 

Peripera Peri’s Tint 1

Innisfree Creammellow #8

Etude House DMWLT RD301

Etude House Dear My Color Pop OR 221
I will be adding images of each as I go through this cause, so be patient.
For more information go to: 

Be sure to check out the ways in which you can help aside from wearing red lipstick, by purchasing merchandise, donating etc.

I hope many of you will be joining me this month. 
Lots of love 

Amanda Koker 


Mac x Caitlyn Jenner 

Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons 

Today I have a very interesting topic. If you don’t know about Mac Viva Glam yet, I’ll explain it to you here, so you can understand the rest of the context of the ariticle. Mac cosmetics has a collection of lipsticks where the entire price of the product goes directly to the AIDS foundation; Which means not only a portion of what we as consumers invest in these products go to the foundation, but every cent goes to it. Not only do they produce 6 permanent lipsticks which are all amazing products, but they also come out with a yearly collaboration with a celebrity to bring out a limited edition lipstick and a lipgloss. This year they have collaborated with Ariana Grande. Last year it was Miley Cirus and over the years they have collaborated with Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and many many more. 

This April* Mac will be releasing a lipstick in collaboration with the infamous Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, the father of the Kardasians and former Olympic athlete, who underwent a complete sex change last year and had the entire world in a buzz with controversial opinions. (As far as opinions go, I will keep mine to myself.) Mac Cosmetic’s collaboration with Caitlun Jenner is NOT in conjunction with the Viva Glam AIDS foundation however, but instead is a foundation in support of the transgender community. I’m assuming the funds for these lipsticks will sponsor people who feel like they are one gender trapped in the body of the other gender, and wants to be freed, finally. 
The lipstick for this year is a beautiful mauve and it is called Finally Free.

Let me know what you think of this. Will you support it? Will you boycot it? Do you want the lipstick?
Personally I will be getting the lipstick, because I think it is beautiful. 

Lots of love 
*Mac Finally Free launches April 7th 2016

Tony Moly Nutra Energy Mask Sheet

Hi ladies and gentleman

It’s been a good while since I’ve been active on my blog. I had a lovely month long holiday in the United States, where I promised myself I’d return with a ton of products to review, but makeup ended up being the last thing I wanted to spend my money on while I was there. So here I am back in Seoul, with so many Korean products to review, and I figured for the most of you, that would be much more interesting than reviews on easy accessible American cosmetics. So here goes.

I’ll be doing a few reviews on masks in the following week, so I thought I’d start off with this lovely Korean sheet mask by Tony Moly. Most Korean cosmetic brands hand out free masks on any larger purchases, so I rarely have to spend any money on them, since I always have a stash.  I’ve had 3 of these Tony Moly masks, and I must say these are pretty awesome, although I’ve never come across a sheet mask that didn’t work. For those of you who don’t know what a sheet mask is: it’s a cut out, felt like mask with holes for your eyes and mouth, and a flap for your nose.  

One couldn’t possibly look cute in these, so don’t judge. 😆

The mask comes in a foil packet and is drenched with a soft liquid which contains whatever the mask is said to be made of. Anything from snail protein, to vegetable extract, fruit extract, almond, aloe, rice, egg, calogen… You get my drift. And all of them are good.   

Directions: ” Tear open and apply to face. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and then remove.”

This one is said to contain argon oil.  My skin feels much more bouncy and moisturized, and my pores are much smaller and my nose pores aren’t black and clogged. I must say I woke up this morning with some black heads along the jaw line, so I believe this mask draws out impurities from some of the deeper layers of the skin. They also recommend using these kind of masks once 3 times a week.  If you had to buy them the range from w500 to w1000. That’s roughly 50c to a dollar. Not bad at all in my opinion.  I would actually buy a ten pack of these just have on hand for when a have a break out. They never ever disappoint.

Anyway, that’s my rave for the day! Keep shining.

Xox Amanda

Peripera Peri’s Tint Crayon Review 

Hi Guys

I’ve been dreaming of getting my hands on some Peripera products for about 3 years now, but I always seem to spend my money at EtudeHouse instead (as most of you already know.). I didn’t know whether they were worth the price tag, but I was sold on the packaging, because it’s anime and it’s adorable. Need I say more? 

So I finally made my way to Watson’s and picked out a dark vampy red tint named #1 내숭제로  (Naesung zero)

Here it is:

  The box on its own is a cuteness overload.

  The product is a retractable pencil similar in size to Clinique’s Chubby Sticks. Again I’m drooling over the cuteness of the packaging. 

  And it comes with a slanted edge which I adore because it’s perfect for creating a lip liner, but sadly this will wear off after only a few uses.  

And here is the lip swatch: 

It turns out to be a matte pin up red colour, similar to Russian Red by Mac at first, but once it dries it’s just a good old lip tint. I was afraid that this product would stain my lips for a while, as I did notice a product called tint remover in this brand, but I’m happy to say it DID NOT stain my lips. In fact it wore a good 4 hours after which it started to fade. When I brushed my teeth before bed, the last residue came right off without me even trying. 
They retail for ₩9000 which is equivalent to $8 I believe, and I’d say they are worth the bucks for sure. 
There you have it folks. 

I hope you’ve had a lovely hump day!


Etude House Dreaming Swan ‘Eye And Cheek’ Review. 


Dear Ladies and Jellyspoons 

I wanted to do roundup of the entire collection, and I thought I would never get my hands on the purple blush because they were sold out everywhere, but I am rejoying while saying that they restocked and I got my hands on it. So instead of doing a roundup, I will review these section by section and then do a roundup. 

The Dreaming Swan collection is a collaboration with well known artist and illustrator Kerry Hess. She has recently drawn illustrations for Chanel and many other famous French designers and she’s is extremely talented. 

The Eye and Cheeks part of the collection is a set of 5 blushes that could potentially be used as eyeshadows as well. I haven’t tried them on the eyes yet, so I’ll be referring to them as blushes. 

This is Jeté Pink  
A beautiful image of a ballerina jumping is imprinted in the blush: 


And here is the search:   
Jeté Pink is a light rosy pink with golden particles. This is very sheer and probably won’t show up on darker skin tones than the milky white folks like myself. 
Number 2 is Pointe Coral:

This one has a beatiful imprint of a balerina’s tutu and legs. 


And here’s the swatch:


Pointe Coral is an even sheerer coral gold. This will most certainly not show up on darker skin tones. For most this will be a beauty powder or a hi-light. 
Next is Arabesque Rosy:


This one has an imprint of a balerina’s head and torso.  


Here is the swatch: 

Arabesque Rosy is a deep rosy pink with coral/guava undertones. I’d definitely say this is a more universal colour. This is probably my favorite of the pinks. 

Next up is En Haut Pink

   This one has an imprint of a balerina’s head and torso and the balerina is wearing a crown/tiara. 

  Here is the Swatch:  

En Haut Pink is similar to Abaresque Rosy sans the coral undertones. It’s definitely more hot pink and it has more shimmer than Abaresque Rosy. 

And last but not least is Relevé Purple:


This one has an imprint of the balerina’s full body as she’s dancing on her toes.  


And here’s the swatch:

Relevé Purple is a light satin lilac purple. I was most excited about this colour since purple is my favorite colour, and since I doubt I’ll ever find a purple blush like this again.  

I am a little reluctant to use these at all since they are so lovely, but I will during the course of this week since I can’t wait to try the purple one. 

I know from experience that Etude House blushes last 4 to 5 hours or longer, and I have no doubt in these either. They retail for $13 each and if you buy them for the packaging alone, I’d say it worth it. 

They come in a screw top tin and a tutu blush puff. I’ll be using my Real Techniques blush brushes so I don’t care much for the puffs, although they are pretty. 
That’s all from me folks. I’ll be reviewing some of the lipsticks within the next few days. 

Take care

Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar


Hello Bunnies.
Today I decided to finally broaden my horizons by trying some Tony Moly products that have long enticed me. I finally got my hands on some of these gloss bars which everyone and their mothers have raved about already. Korean cosmetics are almost always cuter than other products and Tony Moly certainly nails it. They have various cats and fruit shaped items; Also panda products for every need; Lip balms shaped like lips and banana hand milk shaped like a banana and also smelling like banana primo. You get my drift. It’s just adorable. These little bunnies are perfect little stocking stuffers or just an accessory that a student can carry with her stationary. 


As far as I understand there are nine of these in different colours and scents. I managed to get my hands on Juicy Cherry and Juicy Orange. 

Here they are:   



#6 Juicy Orange and #4 Juicy Cherry


#Juicy Orange 


#Juicy Cherry 

 As you can see, this product is very smooth and moisturizing, but it can seep into the cracks and emphasize dry patches. It’s considered a glossy stick, but I’d call it a tinted balm. 
Every different colour comes with its own scent. If you’re not crazy for artificial fruit scents, this won’t be for you. I happen love it and I want to get the whole collection. 

I give these at least 3 stars. 

They retail for ₩4500 which is the closet aquivilent of $4,50. They aren’t as long lasting as lipstick, but that’s because it isn’t a lipstick. 

That’s it, folks.

There are more Tony Moly reviews coming up soon, so keep your eyes peeled.