Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick Review


Ladies and Jellyspoons

This is actually my first time trying out Innisfree cosmetic products. I have been using their hand creams for a while and I’ve been loving it, so it’s high time I tried their lipsticks as well.

I only picked up one of their lipsticks. I didn’t want to buy more and risk the chance of not liking them.

I got number 8:


As you can see it’s a very sheer lipstick, even though I layered it a bit. The colours that look very dark in the tube will need layering as well.

It’s more of a tinted balm than a lipstick, but I’d be willing to give some of the others in the range a try, since they are quite moisturizing.

They retail for ₩12 000, which is a higher price point than the average Korean brand lipstick, but Innisfree is famous for using natural products and that is something that is more costly.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these and what you think.

Have a lovely week



Etude House Liquid Lips 2015 Review


Ladies and Jellybeans

I got a text message from Etude House saying that they’re launching a new liquid lipstick on the 29th of January. I know how much I love Etude House and how much I’ve been obsessing over my OCC Liptars lately, so I knew this was something I’d have to give a try. So I scoured the net for reviews but there is absolutely nothing so far. I decided to plunge in and get two so long and if I’d like them, I’d have to budget for more of the collection. There are 20 lipsticks in the collection so I’d have to save a bit.

The packaging at Etude House is always a win:


It looks like kiddies lipstick in a clear top, but it’s actually a liquid product that is contained within a lipstick shaped compartment. It’s adorable really!

Here is RD301:


And PP502:


I found that the purple one after a while wears more bright pink thank purple, so I had to reapply to get the purple colour that I originally wanted. That’s not a big deal for me though.

I am very impressed so far as they aren’t drying, they apply easily. I initially thought that I wouldn’t like the flame shaped spoolie or applicator, because it looked really cheap in the pictures, but it’s so much nicer than it looks and the shape of it is proved to be very helpful in drawing a lip line. I would suggest not being too liberal with this product since it’s very pigmented and a little goes a long way. I’d also suggest wearing a lip primer if you wouldn’t want your lips to be stained, since they can be staining if I look at the swatches on my hand. I can’t vouch for the longevity of the product as of yet, but I’ll keep you updated since I’ll be wearing this today.

Not drying
Super pigmented
Many colours to choose from
Handy applicator
A little goes a long way

Will stain lips
Can transfer onto garments when it hasn’t dried yet

Price tag: w9500

Would I buy it again? Yes, absolutely.

I hope this post was helpful or entertaining at least.

Have a lovely week



Etude House Dear My Wish Lips Talk Entire Collection Review


Hi Ladies and Jellybabies

I recently did a review on 5 of these lovely lipsticks, but in the mean time I have been able to pick up the other 5 and that makes it possible for me to review the entire collection.

This is collection of creamy, moisturizing and pigmented lipsticks in both opaque and vivid colours. They are of a good quality and like every other Etude House lipstick, smells nice and comes in the cutest packaging.

Here they are: (the pinks)
PK 001






And a comparison of the 3:


The oranges:






And a comparison of the 3:


The Reds:




And a comparison of them both:


The Beiges:


And lastly BE102


And a comparison of them both:


These are really hard to get the true colour of in images, but this is the best I could do. I wanted to buy the entire set, not only for my blogs but because I know I’d wear these on a day to day basis. All of the colours would look great on most people. I think I’d definitely pull it off to wear them all on my porcelain white skin, and that’s a rare case. I can’t say enough good things about these.

They retail for ₩9500 (the rough equivalent of $9,50.) I get them for ₩6,800 because I have VIP status on my club card. It does pays off to shop there often.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this post. I apologize that some of the lips images are squashed. I did try to fix that. Maybe I’ve just pouted to much or
something. ☺️

Have lovely week all

Xox Amanda

Étude House Dear My Wish Lips talk


Ladies and Gentlebeasts.

I’ve already done a review on one of these, but I have recently picked up a set of 4 for $24 at duty free in Incheon. Such a steal.

Here’s the little box I got them in. They had a small bottle of makeup remover in the place of the 5th lipstick:


If you’ve read any of my blogs or if you’re familiar with Etude House, you’ll know that they are a Korean cosmetic company that puts so much detail into their packaging, making absolutely everything girly and princessy.

This is a permanent collection of lipsticks that are designed to be moisturizing and long lasting at the same time.


So far there are only 10 lipsticks but knowing Etude House, they are sure to expand it in the future.

Here’s what the packaging looks like compared to Dear My Blooming Lips:


The first one I got is RD 302. (Provocative Runway Burgundy)
I just couldn’t resist the vampy colour of this one:


It looks black in the tube, but it’s more of a deep burgundy on the lips:


The next one is OR 301(Hidden Coral Innocent Instinct)


It’s a milky peach colour and it’s very similar to one that I have from the Dear My Blooming Lips Talk collection.

And here is OR 203:


This one is a brighter creamy coral colour. (Assonance alert)

The next one is PK 001:


It’s the perfect Barbie or bubblegum pink.

And the last one is PK 003:


This one is a Cerise pink. It’s just the perfect bright rosy pink.

All of these apply really smooth and seem very moisturizing. They all have that famous Etude House smell. The pink and red ones smell like rose Turkish delights and the orange ones smell like orange.

They retail for ₩9500 a piece. (That’s roughly $9,50 and they are not causing me any allergies. I am very sensitive to cheap lipstick chemicals. Etude house also has sales very frequently. If you are on their point card system and you’ve achieved VIP status, you’ll her a even greater discount on every sale.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this post. I plan to get the rest of this collection before valentine’s, so keep your eyes peeled for the round up review.

Au revoir